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Watching UFC while high? (MMA)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazernhan, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I've never been into MMA. I have some interest in boxing, but its really just a general thing. Only sport I really like to watch is football. Don't ask me why though, I think the only reason is because my dad watched nfl every sunday.
  2. I think Im one of the few that doesnt like it. Its just so fake to me. Not wrestling fake, but making fighting a sport takes everything out of it to me.
  3. The force of the punches are relatively the same, but that doesn't mean the effects are the same.

    If someone hit me with a rock at 20 lbs. psi it would hurt a lot more than somebody hitting me with a pillow at 20 lbs psi.

  4. So boxing seems fake to you too? :eek:
  5. Pretty much

  6. boxing's got that sweet science :p
  7. i always watch the fights when im home b.c my friends are really into it. we blaze the fuck up during the prelims or at one friends house during the whole thing.

    a lot of the fighters blaze too, according to Joe rogan. it helps with concentration and stuff. the only one whos name i remember is BJ penn and i can totally see how he smokes
  8. I used to think MMA was hella gay because of all the ground work. Then I started doing judo/jujitsu and realized that shit is ridiculous and awesome.

  9. And 20 lbs of rocks weights more than 20 lbs of pillows... :p
  10. Fuck boxing.
  11. My bro always watches mma baked. I perfer movies
  12. I've seen MMA and decided it is pretty gay. Guys with basically no clothing on banging crotches together and grabbing each other while all sweaty. Pretty gay.
  13. Hilarious. If you actually analyze MMA is would find that it is almost gay sex. They just don't get to penetrate each other (but i'm sure it has happened)
  14. Am I not entitled to an opinion without being ridiculed by the sterotypical MMA duesh?
  15. Not when your opinion is absolute garbage.

    Does this look like the result of 2 men having gay sex?


    The only people who think mma is gay are the closet homosexuals. ;)
  16. Yeah that looks like two gay dudes who just roughed around in their underware.
    Plus you denying other people the right to an opinion basically debunks anything you say. People who cannot respect others opinions deserve no respect themselves.
  17. *sigh* you people are so immature and disrespectful of others opinions. Additionally, when you have to include grammatical errors in your insults they are basically forfeit.
    For your information I have "rolled" or whatever before. Sure the sport is physically tasking and only well trained athletes are good at it (NEVER DID I SAY THESE MEN WERE NOT ATHLETES/PHYSICALLY ENDOWED) but the sport they chose to participate in has numerous gay elements. Sparse clothing, sweating and grabbing each other, junk to junk contact, ass grabbing etc.

  18. No, I'm denying YOU an opinion.

    Notice how I didn't say anything to the other posters who said they weren't really into mma? That's because they stated their opinion in an educated and respectful on the other hand are just trying to be an ass. If you can't see the difference then I feel bad for you.

    and it's *underwear....since you're trying to be a grammar nazi. ;)
  19. Sorry buddy but if you are gonna come out and say stuff like "I've seen MMA and decided it is pretty gay. Guys with basically no clothing on banging crotches together and grabbing each other while all sweaty. Pretty gay." How can anyone take you serious? You can't even form a respectable opinion and are just resorting to childish antics. Come back with a more mature opinion then you will be taken seriously. On the other note, UFC 139 was def. the card of the year and Hendo vs Shogun was atleast 1 of 3 tops fights of all time.
  20. I get high all the time and watch every UFC. Last night was quite possibly one of the best fights of all time with my boy Dan getting the W.

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