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Watching UFC while high? (MMA)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazernhan, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. #1 blazernhan, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    Anyone here watch UFC while high or MMA while high? When a fighter your a fan of fights you get an adreneline feeling and you feel kind of anxious, and it's crazy to watch when your high haha. I've done it once but the fight lasted 1 minute so it was kind of a buzz kill. Tonight is UFC 139 and I'm gonna get high as fuck and watch it fuuuckkk yeaahhh :hello:

  2. hell fucking yeah
  3. MMA is like televised gay sex with clothes on.
  4. When I was little my best friends father use to get stoned with his brother and watch UFC while high, my friends father beat him.

    So I kinda had a bad experience with watching fights while high.

  5. Watch the video. MMA is better than boxing and everyone watches boxing. MMA = all striking (including boxing) + wrestling with smaller gloves so there are alot more knockouts. Boxing is fucking boring

  6. That is false, strikes with MMA gloves or boxing gloves are the same regardless the size of the gloves.

  7. So your saying if you get hit with a glove with 2x cushion (mma) and a glove with 6x cushion (boxing) its gonna feel the same? Your a fucking idiot. Obviously boxing gloves have more cushion use your common sense and your eyes buddy
  8. this guys a Typical closet case here. Thinking of whatever he can thats gay about a simple sport lol.
  9. MMA gloves are lighter and have less padding do the math dude
  10. Not to mention hands arent the only thing you have to watch out for in the sport... and they are the only thing with padding.

  11. This. Boxing you have over padded gloves and honestly it's not like a real fight. In MMA theres head kicks, elbows, etc you have to watch out for including wrestling and is as close to a real fight as you can get in a professional sport without just going bare fist and fighting

  12. "Tests were done by the fight masters team.

    State of the art equipment showed that the impact is pretty much the same for both gloves.

    About 5psi difference, which at the pressures we are talking about, is nothing."

    That is what you learn when you watch national geographic baked :smoke:
  13. The only reason they wear gloves in boxing and mma is to protect your hands and prevent cuts.
    I have boxed and MMA like 20 times each. Getting punched in the face is getting punched in the face.
  14. I can't watch any type of fight while high, it makes me feel so sorry for the guy that's getting beat up.
  15. Someone's insecure with their sexuality. :rolleyes:

    To the OP: Yes watching mma high is a great time! Been doing it for years.
  16. ^Prelims on facebook right now for those of you who care.
  17. It actually bores me when I'm high and I start yawning like crazy, I feel like I could be doing something more fun and entertaining.

  18. I'm watching right now. What are your picks for tonights main card?
    I got:
    Shogun TKO Rd 2
    Le TKO Rd 2
    Bowles TKO Rd 3
    Kampmann SD

  19. Only watch fights you're looking forward to like with fighters you really like when your high, makes it that much more fun to watch lol
  20. -I think Shogun/Hendo is basically a tossup. Going with Shogun though by tko or decision.
    -Silva by TKO....only because I don't want to believe he's over the hill :p
    -Faber dec.
    -Kampmann tko
    -Bonnar sub

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