watching the colors change..

Discussion in 'General' started by Bingongie420, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. how many stoners out there like to see their pipe change colors. i just cleaned my chillum and saw how much my pipe changes, it was dark blue and dark red and when i cleaned it it was almost clear now after smoking 3 bowls is on its way back to red and blue. i just think thats pretty sweet how it does that. what do you think about your color changers. post pics if you got them. peace
  2. i love it man its so cool. i just cleaned my glass spoon and its on its way back too
  3. I love em'...My new one I can tell is going to look sweet when all the black fills in. It's like a light red and light blue when clean, dirty, the colors get darker and the clear parts turn black.. The whole pattern reminds me of Spiderman. So I think I'll name it Spidey.. dunno yet...peace
  4. I love mine. It's neat how it changes colors!
  5. There is nothin like a clean colorchanging pipe, full of a bowl. :)

  6. I don't understand ? ?

    I clean and clean and clean........

    and my old brier pipe just stays brown ? ? ;) ? ?
  7. Hahahahaha roach.
  8. yah man, sucks for you. i love color change. mine is awesome, blue-ish colors.

  9. i love it... mine has light blue, dark blue, and white patterns in it, and an inside out top... has a big ass marble on the bottom with a flower inside of it.
  10. i looove my colorchanging pipes. my digital cam is out of batteries otherwise i would share. i agree, there is nothing like watching the transgression of your pipe over the days, weeks, months.

    then cleaning them out, and starting anew. when i clean 'em, i usually am astonished to find such a difference, like WOAH it looked like THAT when i BOUGHT IT?! *glee*


  11. there is also nothing like a slighlty dirty one with a freshly-emptied bowl!!!!!
  12. here are pics of my ccg. it has a nice gold color now, sorry i dont have pics of when it was clean, maybe when i clean it out again. cost $40:
  13. OMG..that's a pretty bowl...mine's ok, but not that colorful yet
  14. yea nice bowl dude

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