Watching sketchy kids get caught is fun!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kr0nik, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. So today this freshman was getting busted by a cop at school, after he had smoked in the school bathroom during finals. I had walked by and couldnt help but laugh at the stupid immature younger kids that have just gotten introduced to weed. However the funniest thing is i was laughing at the 2 cops interigate this small kid as i walked past them, with a quad in my pocket. i almost feel bad for the kid, but w/e it was his own fault for being so stupid.
  2. Yeeeeeaaaaahhh that was pretty dumb...
  3. You sound like an idiot for bringing a quad to school. It would've been way funnier if you got caught!
  4. Nah the first one was way funnier people who smoke on grounds are a little stupid. Before or after perhaps not during.
  5. I sound like an idiot? ....or i understand that they cant randomly search me. Its like my reward for not being a dumbass in school.
  6. I might be wrong here, but on school grounds if you're a student of that school, you CAN be randomly searched..

    if im wrong then damn lol
  7. You are not. But they have to be suspicious first.

  8. Haha now you REALLY sound it.
  9. why the fuck does everyone think that they have the same rights in school as they do outside of school?

    you can be randomly searched at ANYTIME in school with or without suspecion you give up that right when you step foot on school grounds
  10. Yea, at school they dont need anything, they can search anything on their property anytime they want.
  11. alright yeah fine then, im an idiot cuz i take the risk of being searched im 1 in 3500 kids at my school. ill take that gamble for one day...
  12. Riveting tale chap!
  13. I think we can all learn something from this... :

  14. If you're gonna smoke in the restroom you gotta have a small piece, and smoke a bowl and get outa there before ppl start to smell the weed.

  15. awesome.

    just don't come posting here whining about when you do inevitably get caught :)

  16. This thing about school grounds is ambigioius. Are we talking about college or high school. In college im not sure if you lose that right, since YOU pay for it, its different. And I think the OP was talking about college, since he brought up "finals week." Alot of people who get caught could so easily avoid it. I talked to these people i know from home who i also know in college (I live at college away from home). I was at home in my driveway, they slow down when they see me to say hi, and I walk up to car and it smells like bud hardcore. If I was a cop I would immediately be able to search the car, and I would find weed very likely. More stupidity.
  17. thats not too funny the kid just wanted to get stoned thats pretty dickish to laugh at him
  18. your missing the point. its alright.
  19. A high school CANNOT randomly search you although it is easy for the administration to search you if they are suspicious. Police need probable cause to search you while a school only needs 'reasonable suspicion' such as a reliable informant saying that you deal in school.

    edit: New Jersey v T. L. O. (1985) addresses the issue of whether a search by a school official is a "search" at all for Fourth Amendment purposes. It also considers whether the standard of probable cause that applies in the cases of criminal standards should be modified to reflect the special circumstances of public education and the relationship between school officials and students. The Court concludes that searches by school officials are governed by the Fourth Amendment, but adopts a lower standard for searches than it applies in the criminal context. Specifically, the Court only requires officials to have something like a moderate chance of finding evidence of wrongdoing. In T. L. O., the Court found that standard met.
  20. lol you have like almost no rights at school

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