Watching reefer madness

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Ganoo, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. My god is this movie retarded. Just reading the "effects" of "marihuana" made me shake my head and groan aloud. Even for the time period the acting is terrible.
  2. i saw it for the first time a few weeks ago i was super stoned and just laughed at how cool it would be to live back then. Everyone smoked cigs everywhere and the men wore suits all the time that would be sweet. Atleast to me. but the way they portrayed weed was dumb and somewhat sad.
  3. LOL yeah that movie's pretty shitty. Too bad people actually believed that back then.
  4. I watched it for a first time a few months ago, I thought it was hilarious because of how ridiculous it was... but definitely sad that people actually believed it...they showed people scratching like crackheads o_o

    What is even sadder is that I bet some people still have these same misconceptions about it, definitely fewer and fewer each year because of the factual information out now

  5. I find there's not too many people who hate it, at least where I live. Some who frown upon it, but no one who would actually make a big deal. No one who thinks the shit in reefer madness is actually truth. That movie is the biggest piece of unintentional comedy out there today.
  6. It was made as a documentary to show people what WOULD happen to them if they used pot. It wasn't meant to be viewed as a work of fiction. That's the sad part.
  7. Oh, by the by, it has a permanent place in my DVD collection.


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