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  1. SO DID ANYONE WATCH THE OLYMPICS HIGH? I MEAN DAMN THAT STUFF WAS aswemone. especially high! some of my buddies and i were watching the gymnastics and i mean like damn....those chics were intense. those flips and ship and turns. so we started doing it and my buddy broke his ankle!!!!

    not to mention some of them girls were really fine...specially the one that fell.
  2. Yeah man I'm watching them right now high! I can't figure out how the fuck someone decided to start gymnastics. How the fuck do people even judge it? Really all they're doing is jumping around on a mat. The swimming is pretty tight tho for real.
  3. The enhancement smoker:

    "have you ever watched the olympics man

    yeah but have you ever watched the olympics......on weed"
  4. Yeah man i seen the Olympics, except all they show is bloody swimming. Micheal Phelps just kicks everybodies ass in a race, so i proposed the idea the he should instead be put into a pool and forced to wrestle some sort of shark in order to win another gold medal.
  5. the best shit to watch high is the water polo during the day. the whole time i was all like "where the fuck are the horses, did they drown already?"
  6. Man I don't know. The olympics are weird. I mean I kinda see it as pointless. You work hard and try your best for years for a chance to compete and win a piece of medal around your neck and a chance to sing your national anthem. Just goes back to the Patriotism bullshit and how it just creates conflict. So you won a medal. Now what? It's just people looking for their moment of glory.:rolleyes:

    But on the other hand. The olympics are fucking huge. I mean it's just a big part of HUMAN history. Dating back centuries ago with Greeks until now its become a tradition for the whole world. A spectacle that draws people from around to globe to participate in a common practice they all share.

    Ehh just high thoughts... :smoking:
  7. I dunno I mean I'm sure that to some people the olympics are all about "my country is better than your country" bullshit, but to me at least it's more about just being awestruck at the physical prowess and skill that the human form can reach. Did any of you guys watch the Chinese male gymnasts? There was one guy doing the two rings that hang down on a rope.. The things he was able to do just looked so fucking amazing. Fo realz haha...
  8. i watched the olympics high.

    i thought waterpolo was the wierdest fucking sport ever. it looked like two teams of squids playing soccer.

    the us - china basketball game was a lot of fun to watch while high. i jumped off my seat multiple times.

    and yes, gymnastics are intense.
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    Of course I watch them high, it's ridiculous!

    Did anyone watch last night? When the (korean?) male gymnast froze in mid air while on the two rings suspended in the air? He was doing some turn and he totally froze up and fell to the ground hard. Apparently the commentator said that it is common for people to blackout and lose their perception of where they are by doing so many flips. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

    If you really think about how the olympics began, obviously you have to go back to the time of the Greeks. But isn't it funny, if you really think about it, how really all we are watching is pushing the limit of a human's capacity for extreme stress? I suppose you can look at it from the "society and television" point of view and get all into it but really....they are just jumping on mats lol. Props tho to our men's gymnasts!
  10. i saw the opening part tripping balls and it was really cool to just see every body from around the world walk around and when that dude started runing in air i was just like wtf this is nuts

    but i think the only sport worth watching is the water polo just cause those guys are fuckin insane in the water when they show the underwater cam when there beatin the shit out of each other underwater its like:eek: FUCK YEA DUDE!!!
  11. yah,,,,,the gymnatics again last but it was fun guys do have a point in water polo. and i would love mike phelps swim against sharks. dude he'd fuck em up so badly. just like the dane cook segmet. fucking shark. :D

    but yah the opening cerms where trippy as balls.... all those changing colors and flying and face was literally like frozen in awe with my mouth wide open:eek:
  12. womens volleyball blazed hell yea

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