Watching Lost when your high

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  1. Does anyone watch Lost when they're completly baked of their face?
    Like watch it in seasons non-stop and keep blazing the whole way through?
    It's soooooo goood:D feels like your on the island with them people.
    Especially when you got all the munchies in the world within an arms reach aswell as the remote :smoking:

    Peace and it's almost 4/20 am ;) GMT [​IMG]

    :smoking:Keep smokin people:smoking:
  2. Yeah I blazed my way through all the episodes when I first started watching in about 3 weeks. That show can be very addicting
  3. i'm gonna download season one and try that shit out.
  4. yeah man blaze that shit im bloody high and got clas in a few hours

    respec to all my weed lovin bros =)
  5. Yeah i got addicted to lost! And season 5 is out now on DVD WHOOOOOO!

    I can't watch it stoned tho. It confuses the hell out of me!
  6. you gave me an idea lol but lost is the shit

  7. What the fuck is it ABOUT??
    Everyone i ask, can't ever explain it
  8. I watched the end of Series 5 while I was high and I was just like "?????????". Then again most people I know who watch it are like that anyway, though I understand it fairly well when I'm sober.

  9. Yeah thats probably because so feckin much happens in it. It would be like someone explaining issac newtons physic theories to a third grader. But I'll try :cool:

    Basically, plane crashes on island, wierd shit happens on the island and people die etc. Then it noone comes to rescue them. It seems impossible for them to come off the island. What makes things worse is "the others" (people who live in houses on a smaller island not far away from the main one) start doing weird stuff and not letting them off the island and abducting them.
    Then they find a hatch and manage to open it after ages to find a man who pushes a button and says that he's "saving the world". Then after series 3 it just about them getting off the island etc
    Really fucked up stuff happens though and its fucking addictive.
  10. The only thing that happens when I watch Lost high is I get lost. I can't even watch that sober and understand what's going on with it. The first season was awesome but then after that too much shit started going on and it turned to exactly that, shit.
  11. Lost: A Theory on Time Travel

    If you've ever had questions about LOST, there's your answer. This guy it seems has had the show figured out since the second season or so. Pretty much everything he theorized has come true
  12. I get stoned and watch lost all the time. it really blows my mind! I love creating theories and what not with my friends as well.
  13. Lost is my favorite show to get wrecked too, i am really looking forward to this last season. Hopefully they can pull off a mind blowing ending.
  14. Trying this tonight, never seen it before. Ill post back.
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    some people don't understand lost because they just turn on the TV when its playing and think they can jump right into it. If your going to watch this show you have to watch it starting from season 1 episode 1.

    The whole concept of the show is loosely based on the belief of either fate or free will. Its up for you to decide!

    If anyone wants to get high and talk theories with me im down.
  16. I watched the first episode (fisrt season), but about 20-30 min in i got bored, its too long of a show.

  17. Stick to cartoons :devious:
  18. Love lost, I'm on the 15th ep for season 5 right now, trying to stretch it till season 6, the shows amazing to watch stoned or sober don't matter, I really dislike Jack though, kinda wanted to see him die off. Season 6 should be great!
  19. Apparently the writers of it made it all up as they went along. Which is the reason it's so confusing in the 1st place.
  20. where did you hear that?

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