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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by My Fax, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I've lived on a Farm most of my life, but this past year is the first year I've really put forth any kind of effort.

    We are a Dairy Farm, but we grow corn and alfalfa for the cows.

    I just can't believe how incredible of an experience it is watching crops grow. Watching an enormous field of bare dirt turn into this...



    It's a very rewarding feeling knowing that you put in all this hard work, and seeing a nice good crop as far as the eye can's unexplainable.

    We water the field with a sprinkler...which gets stuck just about everyday. So everyday, usually right when I wake up I have to go out there and get it unstuck. But just seeing the beauty of the land everyday.....gets me going, you know?

    I know this is just corn, I can only imagine seeing a nice crop of Marijuana. :smoking:

    One day.:)
  2. id love to walk around in those crop when trippin
  3. i hear ya...its just something else about plants...

    its so amazing that its just this tiny seed and then with the proper amount of requirements its this huge living thing

  4. That's nice man, I can only imagine how rewarding that feels. I can't wait till I'm in my own place and I can grow a variety of plants. Hell, right now I've got a few young venus fly traps going, and even though they grow slow as hell I love noticing the small changes they go through. And everyone told me they would die.. psh.:rolleyes:

    Nature kicks ass when you learn how to appreciate it.
  5. Amen brother
  6. Word.

    I don't have the mass quantity you do, My Fax.. but I do enjoy watching my own selection of plants grow. Maybe one day I'll photograph some.
  7. due to where i live, i cant see giant fields like that grow...but ive got a few plants of my own if you know what i mean ;)
  8. Nice crop buddy, i love living in the country aswell, id die if i had to live in a city!no fresh air,no peace,no quiet!its hell!!
  9. i know what you are talking about, my fax....

    i grew a veggie garden this year for the first time in my life and i really enjoyed it. i was also very shocked how much i yeilded off a small garden.

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