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Discussion in 'General' started by Nizza_waaarg, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Yeah hi all. I just watched Lebowski again for like the gillionth time (that how u spell gillion?). It was really good. I wanna go out and see Once Upon a time In Mexico again, tommorow, with some guys. I thought that movie was cool. And Johnny Depp was in it. And yeah.. that's it. I just wanted to chat here. (on weed.)
  2. Me thinks it is gazilionth (sp?)... or something like that. I didn't like once upon a time in mehico, desperado was cool, though I haven't seen it since it came out
  3. Yeah, Once Upon A Time In Mexico was a big let down for me. I figured...hmm johnny depp....must be stars antonio banderas and johnny gets royally fucked over in it. Plus it has enrique eglasies (sp??) trying to act in it so yeah....not really worth my time.

    But who may enjoy it.
  4. Today I had a big movie watching day.

    I watched:
    -Dazed And Confused(good movie)
    -Wayne's World(awesome movie, 1st time seeing it in like 3 years)
    -Wayne's World 2(just as good as the 1st one)

    waynes world! waynes world! party time! excellent!

    haha, those movies are classic
  5. i'm aboot to smoke one and watch the remake of chainsaw masacre. i'm gunna be freakin out here in a bit lol. thank god the hubs is home, maybe i'll watch it in bed;)

  6. ha ha ha, thos movies rock!!
  7. ahh waynes world kicks ass!
  8. 3 must see films for fans of gross out gore.

    Toxic Avenger IV.
    Bad Taste.

    Billiant movies.

  9. Haha, Ive seen Bad Taste, fuckin hilarious!
    Toxic Avenger IV, is that the one with the 2 toxies? If so, Ive seen it, pretty funny as well. Those "superheros" are so funny. Like dolphin man and that kabookie(sp?) man haha, and you can't forget that hitler police guy.

    The gore is done in such a cheesy way, its more funny than gross. I like it though.

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