Watched the sad demise of a digital camera

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  1. Normal rainy sunday afternoon. I was going through my garage and putting up old items on craigslist, ya know, the norm. I walk back inside and pull my digital camera out of my pocket, with too much gusto. :eek: (I think the strap got caught on my finger?)

    It soared out of my hand in an arc and smashed onto the hardwood floor. The battery compartment sprang open and launched a lithium battery like a homerun across the living room. My SD card ejected out the side and slid across the floor, coming to a gentle rest on the carpet.

    I pick up the camera. The sides are bowed out and the guts are coming out the top, where the two sides are split apart, it looks like some sort of technological nightmarish hernia. I gently use a screwdriver and take it apart, pushing it's fragile innards back inside.

    There is no hope, not even in the deepest reaches of my mind that this camera will ever take another picture, but I try and fix it anyway.

    With bated breath, I slip the goodies back into their respective places, and push the power button.

    It works! I feel so lucky. :smoke:
  2. Pics or it didnt happen :D
    Just kidding man, that never happens to me
    When i drop something its gone man I mean it
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    I totally just went and took a picture of the damage, with the broken camera, using a couple of mirrors... then my battery died. I'll have photographic evidence in a few :wave:

    Edit: Haha, there ya go.

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