Watched 'A Walk To Remember' Today.. Feel Weird

Discussion in 'Movies' started by austi, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. im a guy, watched this movie.. it was good yet it made me sad. after watching sad movies like this i always feel a weird pit in my stomach that can last all day. surely i cant be the only one...? :confused:
  2. Why I don't watch movies anymore.

    Especially if it contains a big star.
  3. i just feel like watching a good movie like this can ruin your mood. i have done nothing all day but be sad this chick died.
  4. Haha wow.

    Try some good vibes instead!

    I stop focusing on useless crap like movies, and go for hikes in nature with waterfalls and steep trails.

    Nothin like peering over a narrow path to see a beautiful creek under a light fog.
  5. Aww.

    That's one of my favorites :) it is sad though.
  6. Watched it a few days ago, the first time I did I cried so hard and so from heart I was basically traumatized by the movie, no movies has ever affected me in that way.... Its not so sad anymore though since I have watched it many times again, I got myself all the good tracks from the movie and love listening to them. It definitely had a positive impact on my whole view of life. Def. one of the best movies I have ever seen! just so heart-warming and sweet, sad movie.
  7. That unpleasant feeling in your gut is revulsion. You're secretly ashamed at the fact that not only did you watch A Walk to Remember, but that you actually enjoyed it and allowed its simpering, syrup-saturated melodrama actually affect you. I mean, my God, man, have some respect for yourself.
  8. Or perhaps you just dont know how to appreciate a good romance movie ? :)
  9. I don't watch sad shit like this anymore. In fact I refuse. Doesn't matter how good it supposedly is. Life as it is is vexing enough without piling on a fictional characters sadness.
  10. Thats a nice thought right there, but on other hand, what I can say from my own experience is that well in this case with this movie, it really affected my life positively. I believe it can be different with each person. I am more motivated then ever thanks to watching this movie , motivated to search for a job, motivated to perhaps even do my uni exams and go uni who knows (exams, which I failed years ago). What I am trying to say here, is that I really have been kind of lost in my life for a long time now, and it really gave me strength to be a better person and move on... it changed my perspective on life.
  11. That's why I don't watch romantic movies, they fuck with my vibes. In my mind there is no gain from them but that's just me. 

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