Watch Yo Ass in Singapore

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  1. This is breakfast for every asian child
  2. they don't like it when you disobey
  3. That's wack. Asian countries need to embrace Mary Jane
  4. Yall are good just keep it under 299 grams. Thats enough wax,dank,kief to last a couple weeks.
  5. Short Walk and a Long Drop Solves a Lot
  6. lol couple weeks!? That would last me a year!!!
  7. Dude fuck the cane, why even mention that...what is that compared to 30 years in prison? lol
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    This is why ALL of you should be activists! Putting the "wrong" (yet never fatal) leaf in your cigarette, should not result in you getting mutilated/tortured! You shouldn't be locked up for it, either!

    When I was a young hippie, 2 "roaches", with an "unsmokable" amount of marijuana in them, could get you 20 years in prison in CALIFORNIA!!! :eek: (Timothy Leary, 1968 Timothy Leary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

    You know, California where in the year 2013 under an ounce is a $100 fine and anyone with (virtually) any ailment can get medically legal! :smoking:

    So just how does that big of a change happen? :confused_2:

    A heck of a lot of people have been working their tails off for legalization, is how! So why not join them? :D

    At GC, there are 598,388 members.

    Imagine the impact of 598,388 doctors all getting a fat packet of abstracts about cannabis? According to, there were 661, 400 doctors in the US in 2008. If we subtract the "pot docs", we could reach virtually EVERY doctor in the US!

    Think about what 598,388 letters to congress would look like!

    If even 1 in 10 of you start making intelligent, referenced comments every time you see a MJ article in the news, we could take over the comment section and flood them with the facts! :devious:

    What happens in the US affects the whole world's attitudes! We have a responsibility to end this immoral prohibition that Anslinger, Du Pont, and Hearst started!

    Granny :wave:
  9. Like I said before....

    We need to nuke Singapore with a Marijuana atomic bomb!
  10. marijuanatomic? but yeah that is some crazy shit too bad considering how widely used and accepted it was in that part of the world before we went and ripped it out of their traditions and pushed prohibition down their throats.

  11. You try sitting in a cell 22 hours a day with that ass.
  12. singapore sucks

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