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  1. I am currently starting up a new growing season in my new home, as i have 2 tents, plenty of lights/fans/equipment, i say the hell, why not! When i say perpetual i don't necessarily mean non stop year round. I have a 6k btu a/c that must run 24/7 in the grow room, and I'd just assume not run it all year, but come fall/winter ... wooooo doggy! Watch out, cause it could get crazy!

    Starting out the veg/ clone tent: just got it all set up today, its a small tent (2'7 x 2'7 x 5'11. With a 1'6" tall clone area on the bottom for my massive cloning operations, a roughly 4' tall veg area with a blackstar 240w led on 24/0. Fan power to vent the veg tent is provided by my td100, which in the name of efficiency, is also pushing that cool air through my cooltube in the flower tent, which in turn exits right at my ballast keeping it cool also.

    The flower tent: my crowning achievement so far. The tent is massive to me, 5'x5'x7'. A 600w hps in a 6" cool tube. Flower tent is vented via 6" can fan w/ carbon filter and speed controller. The filtered air leaves the flower tent and is exhausted into the veg tent, which leads to....? ( the cool tube)

    See you are paying attention!

    Started as of a few days ago i have a pineapple bagseed for my own attempt at a 16 oz grow, a dinafem white widow, and a buddah critical + auto in a 3 gal smart pot.

    I'm a resourcefull person and i will be doing this grow several different ways, I'm trying to go all organic eventually, but for now mothers are in promix organic, clones will be put in a bubble cloner, and clones will either be straight to flower after rooting, or a 1 week veg time into either E&F tables or dwc.

    Flower tent will be a rotating sog, 4 new plants every 2 weeks, till spring when the a/c must run again, when i will relax and smoke my self retarded till the fall again.

    So stop in say hi, ask questions, sub, or do none of the above. I really dont care, as its for me not you. :)
  2. Suuuub'd, man didnt know you knew herbs as well as you know jeeps. Cant wait to see what you make of this beast of a setup. Best of luck
  3. Good shit, def sub'd!
  4. Thanks guys! And futuremod, I've only had a handful of successful grows, but that number keeps growing everytime i try... i'll try to upload pics of the setup, but it's kinda hard as my 2 tents take up basically the whole room its in... hard to take pics from a few feet away.
  5. Update: checked my room and 2 tents today over lunch, it was 64F when i walked in, and almost 90 out right now, think i'll be okay, especially running the lights at night...
  6. As long as your temps dont go over 85 with the lights on and stay above 65-70 with the lights off you should be just fine.
  7. That 64 is all lights on! Lol, i turned the ac down a wee bit.

  8. Holy sheet thats unheard of! Whats your temps with the lights off?
  9. That's perfect temp control for some color on Ur buds. They say a 30 degree different from lights on to lights off is where the color on the buds come from.
  10. I have the ac set on a thermostat that's in the tent. It got up to almost 100 out today and its in my upstairs room that has practically no insulation, so the tents stay wherever i want them to be and the room itself stays about 80 all day till i open windows at night.

    The 600w hps is on from 9pm till 9 am, and the led is on 24/0 so its never off.

    My autos will get moved into the flower tent when its lights on, and back to the veg tent before 9 am every day, gonna use the blackstar led to do some side and lower lighting on them when the hps isn't on.

    I couldn't believe the colas i got just using the led before, say what you will, but almost 4 oz's off 3 plants under 240w led ain't too bad for a 2nd grow...
  11. Sweet mother mary! Just checked my thermometer, 61f in the flower tent! So much for toning it down... i have a berry bomb seed that under cool conditions is supposed to have some sweet looking purples and florescent pinks when done in 'cool' conditions. Think i got it nailed!
  12. Mmmm purple buds :smoke:
  13. 24hr period. All lights and fans running. 600w hps on 12/12. Think I'm finally ready to stuff some plants in there...

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  14. Update. Veg tent has my dinafem white widow in its starter cup for a week now and my budda critical auto popped out of the dirt. Pics to come when the app cooperates.
  15. Pics taken a few days ago. Smart pot has my buddah critical + auto, the larger plant in the solo cup is my dinafem white widow freebie, and the other cup is some bag seed from a bag of pineapple. The bag seed is for my own 16oz grow practice grow. I'm currently going 100% organic finally.

    My soil mix consists of:
    1cu/ft promix organic
    1cu/ft promix outdoor w/ compost & myco
    1cu/ft promix all purpose

    Amended with:
    1c bone meal
    1c blood meal
    1c guano
    1c alfalfa meal
    1c kelp meal
    1c dolomite lime
    And 1 4.5 pound bag ewc

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  16. You have a wicked medium man, girls are gonna love it!
  17. This white widow is crazy so far, its staying super short and its ~18" from the led light. I really assumed it would've stretched more, but its maybe 4" tall. Its gonna be a bush!
  18. Cant wait to see more, keep it up man.
  19. I luv the LED! Def wanna get one soon.
  20. My white widow almost 2 weeks from germ.

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