Watch the Coolest Cat ever beg for some BubbaKush!

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    This is my Bubbakush clones, and that is my cat Squeaker. She is so funny, this is her daily routine. This isnt even bad, shes usually much louder. But theres definitely something about this plant that this cat is highly attracted to! She doesnt even respond to the catnip i grow this well!

    [ame=]YouTube - video-2010-09-19-09-29-28.3gp[/ame]

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  2. thts ausome lol
  3. THC really isnt good for cats man. You should try and grow some cat grass. It provides the natural roughage that cats crave and wont harm them. Some cats are just immune to catnip and wont respond to it. Some would see feeding the leaves of a marijuana plant to a housecat as animal abuse.
  4. I'm pretty sure the cat likes it man haha. I don't see that as abuse.
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    Yea, seriously, give me a break. Shes taking a few bites of a fan leaf... Hardly ingesting THC.... I dont force it on her, clearly she wants it. Abuse?? Please!
  6. i said some. its the responsibility of the pet owner to do what is best for thier. Your child may want to chug that bottle of bleach under the sink but that doesnt mean you let them, right?
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    Again.....Its a fan leaf..... not an Oz of bud.......Theres not even an bit of THC on a fan leaf. She inhales more of the smoke from hanging out in the room with us smoking that she does from nibbling on a fan leaf. Why do you have to post on my report?? Cant you fuckin go bother someone else?? Seriously why do i always find myself having to defend myself to assholes?? Save your comments, please......

    Name-calling is not cool here, man. -JD
  8. I personally don't see that as abuse.

    But yeah someone might. Were not aloud to talk about getting pets high on GC or anything because it is abuse. I say this thread is like borderline. If you just gave the cat the leaf out of the blue then it would be abuse, but since it was begging to get into the room it's a little different.

  9. maybe it's your attitude?
  10. cool cat, wrong section...the cat would need to be hitting a tube for you to be in the right section lol no offense

    and there's nothing wrong with a cat ingesting some fan leaves, I had a cat that ate lots of fan leaves and lived to be almost 20 years old....I also had a boxer that liked to gnaw on buds...I didn't give them to him, he'd find them growing wild outdoors lol
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