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Watch out guys, you are asking for trouble

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Finn, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. This goes especially for you, Hempress, Samus and a few others.

    I like reading all the stuff here, but I really must say that some of you are asking for trouble. Yes, safety issues have been discussed before, but I just felt that I need to say what I think.

    Cops surely keep an eye on these discussion boards. No, don't say that they have more important things to do. I'm sure that some narcs spend every working day surfing through drug-related discussion boards, and when they see something interesting they need only couple of minutes to find out where that message was posted from and they send an e-mail to your local dea about it. That's how I would set things up if I was some master-cop trying to figure out ways to get drug busts. Only a half-dozen cops needed for that and they can easily gather more evidence than five dozen narcs who work on the street. You are giving them all they need, telling about your deals and stuff, and even encouraging others by saying that cops have better things to do.

    And don't think that you are safe if you don't post your picture or tell your real name, they can trace you very easily. If you use some anonymizer service or school computers, then you are a bit more secure, but still they can find you if needed, by putting together all the pieces of information you have given in all your posts. Like, this persons name is Steve, his brother's name is Joe, he lives 15 miles from Chicago, he works at a hardware store, he drives a Honda Accord...and so on. A little detective work and your ass is caught.

    That's how hackers probably felt in late eighties, they were roaming freely on the net and thought that cops have better things to do. Then came january 1990, and operation sundown where cops swept the whole hacker scene. I'm not saying that all your asses will be arrested in a big sweep, I'm saying that even though cops haven't made any big visible effort to bust net stoners, it doesn't mean that they never will get you.

    OK now I have this off my chest so I don't feel so guilty when I see posts like "please send karma for the hempress who is facing 25 years in jail" :(
  2. hmm good point, but i never said cops had nothing better to do, i THINK.. but i didnt give anything away did i? not that i remember

    *runs away*


    Nice point reinterated though.
  4. Sorry Samus if I got you mixed with some other guy here. I thought you were one of those who were talking about making large-sized deals.

    And this "cops have better things to do"-line, it wasn't directed straight to you or Hempress, it was just a general attitude that reeked out of some careless posters posts, some even put it into those words.
  5. Good point
  6. even if some cop came across this site they would have to go thru alot of posts before reading about anything that was more than a misdemeanor the most ive read about on here is OZ's and not many of them a cop would not do all the work and get all the search warrants just to maybe catch someone with a 1/2 an oz


    so i wouldnt worry its cool that youre cautious but be careful not to be overcautious cuz thats shady and cops are dicks
  7. I may say some stupid things from time to time....but I really don't care...let them come and get me! I think it would be a learning experience.
  8. but the thing is, how much of the stuff on here is bullshit from some "cooler stoner" 13 year old :D

    when the DEA busts a little rugrat bastard for hooting a bowl shwag out of a tinfoil pipe in his daddys shed, they are gonna be pretty pissed off ;)
  9. Point well taken.
    Perhaps discretion is indeed, the better part of valium...., uh....I mean.... ...Oh hell!

    Oh, by the way Adam...
    You left out one "nuh".
    (Normally, I wouldn't say anything, but it was my favorite one).
  10. totally finn... well said.

    I know for a fact that it REALLY doesnt take alot to figure out who i am... but i accept that... i've taken steps into public veiw on my political stance of "Cannabis can save the world, but only if we embrace it" several times (and constantly do so here), but as for others... in areas where not only are the police less tollerant, they are down right facist, gun totin, redneck, moron, thugs of the state... and i wouldnt want to see any of you fall prey to such extremes of "law enforcement"...


    unless you, like me, are willing to be a martyr for the herb,

    take heed and listen to finn...

    ... you know he speaks sence.
  11. I hear what you are saying ienjoytheweed and adamBC, but from what I have read around the net, everything is possible when you are suspected of drugs in usa. Nothing may happen to you, or maybe commando-suited pigs surround your home in the middle of the night and bust down your door and shoot you without a reason. I have read stories where tiny amounts of pot have landed people in jail for decades, and some people get a little community service for a truckload.

    I hope you all are among those luckier ones.
  12. well u do and dont have a good point. Yes they could easily catch anyone of us, but seriously, do you really think that they are going to waste time, and technology on tracking down a couple of stoners, when theres terrorist's, drug lords, rapist's and murders on the streets.....

  13. depends how much smack one's talking an the size of what they're showin..... i think the peopl who grow should be more concerned then anyone else..

  14. Yes I do think so. The whole drug war has no sense and yet it is going on. How many pot arrests happened in usa last year alone? Over half a million. They are filling prisons with stoners.
  15. I'd say "BS...cops have better things to do..." but then I realize that that is just what I WANT to be a reality...

  16. i'm reminded of rene boje right now. :( i hope she's ok. last i heard she was (relatively) safe in canada.

    and Peter McWilliams... well known and loved author, killed by the drugwar.

    and .... oh heck... i realise i could go on with dozens of examples... i just always mention these two first because it's their stories that tuned me into the plight of the victims of the drug war.

    just check out
    and there's loads more...
  17. You see, the only reason I'm not worried, is b/c when I start having the kind of amounts they might be looking for, I won't even be living in the same state anymore. I haven't told any of you where I'm moving in the fall...and I plan on keeping it that way for a while.

    Either way, I'm not afraid....I think I feel like Digit does...I'm willing to be a martyr for it. I love it and believe in it that much.
  18. well when someone gets busted for talking about weed on a site like this, then maybe we will have something to worry about
  19. of course we may not know if they get busted. some people just disappear off of this site for many a reason.

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