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Watch out for sprayed stuff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eleeschalow, May 14, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to let anyone know in general to look out for anything that smells unnatural. Over a span of three different pick ups from the same guy, I more or less realized that I had been getting sprayed goods. The first time it smelled legitimately like maple syrup, then the second was a citrus and the third time was also a citrus-y smell to it. But for the third time I noticed that inside the bag there were moisture droplets on the bag almost as if there was water in it and the person who I got it wouldn't water get in his bag so there is no doubt in my mind it is sprayed.

    For anyone who is wondering why anyone would I have read on other forums that it is to add a bit of weight, give it a better smell, and high. They usually find reg/mids to make it seem dank. I could be wrong but either way its nasty. Just wanted to make this a reminder/a warning to anyone who comes across this.
  2. Might be some of this shit:


    Maybe they just rolled the bud in it and bagged it then it began to evaporate inside there. What do YOU think they're soaking it with?
  3. My shits good, probably just your area. Myself (and I assume others) are glad you're concerned about the safety of others, thats good. It would be very helpful if you told us what general location you're in (like what city and state, thats it) so if anyone who lives in the same area happens to come across this thread, they can be aware.
  4. This is why we need LEGAL cannabis! If you could grow your own, this sort of problem would be very rare!

    Become an activist to protect yourself against adulterated cannabis!

  5. I cant agree more granny, I am in the process of starting a group and building a website to teach the youth and other undereducated smokers on what they should be looking for when purchasing cannabis.
  6. Hey guys, I am in the central jersey area but I think I figured out what the spray is. As spacekadet posted I think its the tobacco flavoring since I was able to find the exact flavor.

    And to NJ2east, wow great post but I dont think my case now fits yours. If it does though I will get back to you, and keep up the good work with educating others.
  7. I’ve heard that some of the less scrupulous will use lemon juice to make the weed “sticky”

    like it’s freshly harvested or something
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  8. OP is 9 years old & if your getting weed laced with lemon juice then you're buying from shady people lol, I've never seen any laced weed in 10+ years of smoking :confused_2:
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