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Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, May 1, 2006.

  1. have you seen Saved By The Bell on Adult Swim yet? If not, there are transitions between commercials and the show and they are amazing. the download is NOT a virus. i made it myself and am hosting it on my own web space. this is from only one episode, if i get enough votes i will do it for every episode. enjoy!

    SAVED! ~right click, save-as


    p.s. they need to make a music video with the fourth clip
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  2. dude what the fuck that's trippy

    ahhhhhhhhh kill meeeee

    nj man +rep
  3. hahaha damn that shit is wild as fuck man......+rep
  4. haha thanks for the rep guys. think i should combine every episode's? it came out of no where sat and me and two friends played them over and over, it was nuts!
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  5. Ive been looking for these on the internet to show my friend. Expect some +rep comin your way man
  6. That was nic bro good stuff. JOE>
  7. LOL +rep for actually putting this up after we watched it!
  8. yea man. that was crazy watching it the first time. i had no clue it was coming.

    congrats on the $1700btw
  9. WTF!?!? no saved by the bell on this week? does anyone have a schedule of the show?
  10. Man i have seen some fucked up shit on adult swim, ive never seen that one though.

    I would probably shit myself if i was tokin out the bong, watchin family guy or futurama and i saw a commercial like that lol
  11. the mr.belding one is hilarious and really long for sum reason.the show is gay enuff as it is but adding slo mo and trippy shit makes it even better

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