Watch movies with your fellow stoners!

Discussion in 'General' started by gorillabiscuits, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    i posted in the movies section but didn't get too many people interested. I have a livestream account and a selection of movies. I can stream the movies while you guys watch, smoke and chat. We can all get to know each other, discuss the movie, discuss bud.
    Please join (No registration required) if you're interested. There'll be a bit of music beforehand to give you guys a chance to smoke and talk and stuff. :wave:

  2. When will the next one be?
  3. Cheech and Chong. Awww yeahhhh
  4. Bump. More people should check this out, Cheech and Chong- Up In Smoke about to start.
  5. Is there a way you can let us all know when you're streaming? like a blog or something? I'd be down to chill in there.

  6. Cheech and chong just started
  7. midget dance porn is awsome
  8. It just started negros! :D
  9. I know I wish I could be there. but I'm working in half an hour. I wan't to join in at later times though. :smoke:

  10. Ya, I love this idea it's cool chatting & smoking watching movies with other stoners. Should make a schedule or something.
  11. This is fucking legit guys join in man
  12. Bump................
  13. This is awesome were watching cheach and chong chatting

  14. Was gonna do the same :D
  15. Anyone feel free to join in
  16. Bump, watching Half baked next :smoke::smoking:
  17. Talk to me when u guys are watching suckerpunch.
  18. Bump, seriously guys check this out its awesome. :smoke:

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