Watch Live NowNews 9 This Morning Oklahoma E-Cig Shop Owner Seeks Patent For Cannabis Oil Vapor Pen

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    State referendums that have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana have encouraged an Oklahoma-based electronic cigarette retailer to try to build a national franchise.
    Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., approved ballot measures Tuesday for recreational pot use. They join more than a dozen states where marijuana already use is legal in some form.
    Chip Paul, CEO and co-founder of Tulsa-based Palm Beach, says the growing legalization opens the door for his company to market a method for producing a cannabis oil vapor product that can be inhaled through an e-cigarette. He is seeking to patent the method.
    An Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs spokesman says the agency is concerned about the inhalation of cannabis oils via e-cigarettes and says it's a way to disguise illegal marijuana use.

  2. Fuck the patent system, and fuck this guy if he tries this.
    Oil in a vape isn't new at all, and isn't something that should be locked up in a patent. Sooo many people and companies could have patented it but didn't.
    Suck a dick, Chip.
  3. This is absolutely fucking hilarious.
  4. They're a little late.

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