Watch Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming-22nd June, 2013

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  1. For those wanting to listen through their browser, this is the link you need.
    Link 1-Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming HD
    Link 2-Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming HD
    Link 3-Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming HD
    Link 4-Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming HD
    Link 5-Kent vs New Zealanders Live Streaming HD
    For those of you listening via. the Windows Media Stream, you'll need this link . If you use another streaming program simply copy that link and paste into which ever it is you chose to use.

    And for those of you on the go we think the TuneIn Radio App for Android, Blackberry and IOS is the best for pads or smartphones. For this match only you'll need to search for BBC Live event from within the application.

    For Windows 8 users This looks top be the link that's needed to download the Windows 8 version of the app. Just note it is ad-supported until a Pro version for the OS is released.

    To use it on a computer or tablet or phone that is running Windows 8, the advice is to go to the Store Tile and download from there. To enter a stream by name (eg BBC Live Event 11) use the search charm and enter text. Use the settings charm to adjust volume and enter an account etc.

    Stations available are the same on all platforms but the record and pause facilities are not: those are available in the Pro versions only.

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