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    Whilst not quite continuing the show's streak of masterpiece episodes, the season 3 finale is a well written episode, that moves the pieces into place for season 4. The episode visits every principle character, gauging many of their contrasting reactions to the horror of the Red Wedding, whilst wrapping up several season 3 arcs nicely.
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online

    The episode starts by dropping you right back into the horror of the Red Wedding. The decision to show the wolf's head attached to Robb Stark's body was wise and necessary, as it was a reminder of what a brutal world Westeros is and served to give the middle finger to animal rights activists, who can stomach the massacre of humans but not the murder of a CGI animal!

    Pod's reputation as a top stud has begun to spread, as he passes two women he's clearly boned before, on the way to calling Tyrion to a small council meeting, after Tyrion had bonded with Sansa. Charles Dance was brilliant as Tywin throughout this whole sequence, first sending Joffrey to bed before wisely informing Tyrion that a crown doesn't give you power. Tywin's admission that he wanted to cast Tyrion into sea at birth was cold, as well as being brilliantly acted by both Dance and Dinklage. Later on, Tyrion and Cersei's dialogue about happiness and children, was great at exploring the layers of Cersei, which were evident when Jaime returned.

    Bran's company took shelter in the Nightfort, with Bran telling a story that addressed a problem I forgot to mention last week. The story about the rat cook emphasised the importance of guest right, informing us of the severity of the atrocities committed at the Twins. In a crowd pleasing moment, Sam and Bran met up in a touching scene in which John Bradley did a superb job of convincing us of the concern Sam felt, at the prospect of his friend's brother heading North of the Wall.

    Roose Bolton and Walder Frey had a fantastically written and acted scene this week, as they devilishly embraced their respective positions. The dialogue about Robb's "pomposity" to which Roose responded "Forever young" was chillingly brilliant. All of this, led to the "shocking" reveal that the torturer is Roose's bastard. Although the show intended for this to be a shocking reveal, viewers had to have been pretty passive not to have noticed the numerous references throughout seasons 2 and 3, that eluded to this fact.

    Ramsey and Theon had an awesome scene this week, which began with Ramsey eating a penis shaped sausage, that had me convinced that he was eating Theon's junk. Iwan Rheon has done an incredible job of portraying Ramsey as a sick and twisted savage human being, which was again evident in this particular torture scene.

    The long awaited return to the Iron Islands, saw a great juxtaposition between the initial horror and the concluding hope. Theon's penis is delivered to his father in a small box. The conflict between Yara and her apathetic father was great here and ended in Yara promising to rescue Theon, in a refreshing departure from book canon.

    Despite my reservations, Shae's scene with Varys was surprisingly worthy of inclusion. Shae's decision not to accept Varys' offer of a new life, has set in motion some very interesting developments that will occur in season 4.

    Arya's awesome badassery was in evidence this episode. Moving her coin assassination to this stage in the story was fully justified, as we saw just how badly recent events had impacted on her. The Hound killed the other Frey's in devastating fashion, allowing him and Arya to continue on a fascinating journey, in which they're united as killers but distinguishable by their different motives for killing.

    Jon's story took an interesting turn when he was ambushed by Ygritte. Despite Harrington's inconsistent acting, Rose Leslie managed to save the scene by displaying the whirlwind of emotions that Ygritte is feeling perfectly. Jon getting shot by three arrows was excessive but, I'm glad to see that they didn't omit a crucial development in their relationship. Sam's return to the Wall brought with it the return of good old Maester Aemon. Highlighting the class difference between Sam and Gilly was at first amusing but now it's like the show feels the need to hit us over the head with it. Whilst Jon's reunion with Sam was heartwarming, the scene was undermined by the fact that it felt too much like a particular Lord Of The Rings scene.

    Unlike with Sam and Gilly, Davos and Gendry had an interesting conversation about class, as we were given a revealing glimpse behind Davos' background. The scene in which Stannis debated whether to follow Davos' or Melisandre's advice, was very cliché, as it was the classic devil on one shoulder angel on another scenario. Davos' decision to free Gendry remained consistent with Davos' character, which is a thing that the Walking Dead struggles at. Stannis' anger upon discovering this was well conveyed by Stephen Dillane, in a scene that foreshadowed Stannis marching on the Wall, which is the most exciting thing that this episode set up.

    Now onto the final scene. The first season we had the Dragons, the second season we had the White Walkers, the third season we had..... an advert for giving aid to Africa. The whole sequence of the slaves lifting her up, with the questionable music and that ridiculous aerial view, just made the scene feel like an advert for African aid or a Live 8 concert and I half expected to see Bono or Bob Geldof in the background. This scene didn't match the standards that this incredible show has set, yet despite that, you better believe that every day between today and the season 4 premiere will be painful!

    Best Quotes: Roose Bolton: "Forever young." Tywin Lannister:"You really think a crown gives you power?" Arya Stark: "Valar Morghulis."
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
    We open on the continued slaughter of the Stark soldiers and bannermen at Walder Frey's. Arya, now with a gash on her head, looks on distraught as she's held on a horse by the Hound. They survey a bit of the madness before riding off. Robb Stark's body, with Grey Wind's head replacing his is paraded about the Twins as Arya looks on in despair. Arya and The Hound ride off to safety.

    Meanwhile in King's Landing as Sansa and Tyrion make their way-- with Shae close behind-- people openly titter at them and Tyrion says he's adding them to his "list." Sansa, sweetly, thinks they should get their revenge by sewing sheep poop into their beds like Arya used to do to her. Podrick arrives to tell him that a meeting of the small council has been called.

    Tyrion joins Varys, Grand Maester Pycelle, Cersei, Tywin and Joffrey in the chambers. The news of Robb and Catelyn Stark's demise has reached them. Tyrion taunts Joffrey in a most dangerous way and Joffrey calls him a monster. Tyrion tells him to be careful of monsters. Incensed he threatens to take his tongue. Pycelle tells him he should apologize to Joffrey. Cersei tries to calm Joffrey, who keeps proclaiming he's king. Tywin points out that a man who must declare he's king isn't really one. He says he will be once he wins the war for him. Joffrey lashes out at Tywin and says that it's his father who is the real warrior and that Tywin "hid" at Casterley Rock. A chill takes the room.

    Tywin essentially sends Joffrey to bed without his supper and all depart except Tyrion. Tywin will appoint Roose Bolton as the warden of the north until Tyrion and Sansa's hoped for son will come of age. Tyrion says he understands Tywin's cheating, it's war after all, but to slaughter the Starks at a wedding seems low. Tywin says killing a few here, saves thousands in war. And more importantly that he will do what it takes to protect his family and its power. Tyrion says he will not rape Sansa. Tywin says he needs to put the family first. Tyrion asks when Tywin has ever done anything solely for the family that wasn't in his own interest. He then regales Tyrion with a chilling little tale about how when he was born he wanted to drown him in the sea because of his "deformity." He then sees a tearful Sansa. She has heard the news.

    JoJen, Bran, Hodor and the gang are still on the move and find an abandoned structure near the Night Fort to stay in. Bran says there are horrible stories about the place that they are staying. He tells them about a cook in the Night's Watch who hated the King so much that he killed his son and cooked him into a pie. The King liked it so much he had a second slice. The gods, allegedly, turned the cook into a big white rat who could only eat his own young. (Ew.) The gods apparently don't like it when you kill a guest beneath your roof. (Uh oh Walder Frey.)

    Speaking of which, women are cleaning the blood off the floor at Frey's house. Roose Bolton notes that the Blackfish got away. Frey isn't worried, he's gloating at killing all the people who laughed at him. Bolton says he will move to Winterfell eventually, after it's fixed up. Roose explains about what happened to Theon. Roose had sent his bastard, Ramsay Snow to Winterfell. It was him that had put Winterfell to the torch after Theon's Iron Born turned on him.

    We cut to Theon on the rack and the boy taunting him about cutting off his penis and whether he has phantom pains. He eats a big pork sausage. (The boy is apparently Bolton's bastard son Ramsay.) Theon begs Ramsay to kill him. Ramsay says he's no good to him dead. He says he's no longer a lord now and he calls him "stinking meat" and renames him "Reek" since he stinks. He beats him asking "what's your name?" until he answers "Reek."

    Bran awakes in a panic and calls to Hodor. They hear a noise. A figure appears. It's Samwell and Gilly. Samwell realizes that Bran is Jon's brother, thanks to his direwolf and Hodor. He says Jon saved his life and so Bran is now his brother. They ask him to take them north of the wall and he's confused as to why they'd want to go there. He says he'll take them to Castle Black instead which is where Jon will be and it's the only safe place. Sam tells him he saw the White Walkers. JoJen says no one can stop them. Bran begs him to take them north.

    A missive arrives at the Greyjoy castle in the Iron Islands. The note from Bolton asks for all of his people to be pulled from the north or they will be flayed alive as they flayed those at Winterfell. It comes with a box... with Theon's penis in it. The note says if they don't pull out of the north more parts of Theon will arrive in boxes. Balon tells his daughter that since Theon disobeyed his orders and since he can't further the Greyjoy line he won't give up the lands he seized to save him. She notes that he is his son and a Greyjoy. He says too bad and he's doing nothing. She says she's going to take the fastest ship in their fleet, take the 50 best killers, and she's going to the Dreadfort and she's going to find her little brother and bring him home.

    Sam shows them the obsidian dagger that killed the White Walker. Bran gives it to Hodor. Sam says he got lucky with one and there are many more, more than you can count. He implores Bran to come with them to Castle Black. Bran wishes he could. He and the gang set off as Sam and Gilly watch.

    Davos goes to visit Gendry in his cell. He consoles that he was born in Flea Bottom just like Gendry. He tries to bond with him. Davos wonders why he got with Melisandre. Gendry points out he's never been with a woman. Davos gets it. Gendry asks how Davos became a lord. He explains that he helped Stannis out of a jam and he didn't want to be a lord, but he did it for his son, so he'd have a better life. Of course, now he's dead. So not so much.

    Varys chats with Shae down by the water. He says she's been a good influence on Tyrion. Shae is bitter but admits she loves Sansa and would kill for her which makes it harder. Varys gives her a bag of diamonds and tells her to spirit herself away and start a new, good life far from here. She wonders why he wants her to leave. He says that Tyrion could actually lead this country well, make it a better place, and she is a complication. He's not asking her to leave for money but because her presence endangers Tyrion. She throws the diamonds back and says if Tyrion wants her to leave he can tell her himself.

    Tyrion drinks with Podrick, who is having trouble keeping up. Cersei enters and orders him out. She taunts him about "enjoying married life." She claims she's not going to be railroaded into marrying Loras. She tells him to impregnate Sansa since that will make her happy. He points out that she has children and she doesn't seem very happy. She says she isn't but her children keep her from throwing herself out a window. She reminisces about how she used to spend hours looking at baby Joffrey and that he used to be jolly little fellow. She says no one can take that away from her, not even Joffrey. He asks how long does it go on? She says until they've dealt with their enemies. He points out everytime they deal with one they make two more. She says then it will go on for a long time.

    The Hound and Arya ride past a group of men, one of whom claims he sawed off Robb's head. Arya comes up behind him and claims she's hungry and wants to keep warm by the fire. They tell her to go away and she says she's got money. She hands them a coin and then stabs the guy to death. The Hound takes care of the rest of them. She nicked the knife from the Hound. He asks if this is the first man she killed. She says, yes, the first. He says next time she's going to do that, tell him first. She picks up the coin and says the magic words, "valar morghulis."

    Jon Snow is at a pond drinking and cleaning up and Ygritte comes up behind him with her bow and arrow drawn. He says he didn't have a choice and she knew who he was. He says he has to go home and he knows she won't hurt him. She says he knows nothing. He says he knows he loves her and she loves him but he has to go home now. He turns. She shoots him, in the back and the leg. She cries as he rides away.

    Sam and Gilly arrive back at the Night's Watch and chat with the blind Maester Aemon. She announces she has named the baby Sam. Sam explains that the baby isn't his and she's one of Craster's wives. Sam says he's seen the "night gathering" and that it's coming for all of them. The maester says Gilly and baby Sam will be their guests for the time being. He asks Sam to take a letter. He also tells them to make sure all 44 ravens have been fed because everyone of them is being sent tonight.

    Davos works on his reading with scrolls as Stannis' daughter pays a visit. He's reading the scrolls since he's Stannis' hand again and he needs to keep them informed. He reads the note from the Night's Watch. Suddenly the bells start ringing. He tells her to stay put and bar the door. He goes to see Stannis, who has heard the news of Robb Stark's death. Melisandre says her faith has been rewarded. Davos tells Stannis that uniting the seven kingdoms with blood and magic is wrong and evil. Stannis ignores him and notes that dragons are magic and that's how the Targaryen's won what they did and Stannis will punish them with any arms at his disposal. Davos says they don't need to burn Gendry if one drop of his blood killed Robb Stark. Melisandre says they are no closer to the throne and a great gift requires great sacrifice. Davos tries to humanize him by telling them Gendry's story and again noting that he is his nephew. Stannis says the boy must die.

    Davos goes to Gendry and helps him make a jailbreak in a rowboat and tells him to aim for a certain star and to keep the coast on the left side until he reaches King's Landing-- and to not drink seawater. And not to fall out, since he can't swim. Gendry asks him why he's doing this and Davos says because it's right and he's a slow learner.

    Jon Snow arrives back at the Night's Watch, falling of his horse from the arrows. He's still alive.

    Jaime Lannister and Brienne arrive at King's Landing. He has an emotional reunion with Cersei.

    Davos confesses to letting Gendry escape. Melisandre says saving one innocent has doomed tens of thousands. He says there must be another way. Stannis can't see another way and sentences Davos to death. Davos says he's going to need him and show's him the note from the Night's Watch about the White Walkers. Melisandre reads the note and then burns it. She says this war of five of kings means nothing and the true war lies to the north and death marches towards them. Davos says Stannis will need him to raise an army. Melisandre actually agrees with him and saves him saying he has a part to play. Stannis mocks him and says Davos is part of the fire god army now.

    Dany and the Unsullied, Ser Jorah and the gang wait for the slaves of Yunkai to emerge and join them. They do. Dany addresses them and tells them that they do not owe their freedom to her and if they want it they must take it or themselves. They choose it and call out to her calling her "Mhysa" which is Ghiscari for "mother." She instructs her dragons to fly. She wades out into the crowd chanting "mother." They gently touch her and then lift her up. She smiles at them as her dragons fly overhead.
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
  2. Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
  3. Bran and company travel beyond The Wall. Sam returns to Castle Black. Jon says good bye to Ygritte. Jamie returns to King's Landing. The Night's Watch asks for help from Stannis.
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
    Download Game of Thrones: Full Season 3, Episode 10 Mhysa
    Watch Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 10 Online
  4. Many people consider A Storm of Swords to be the best book. I will admit Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD started out slow, but it picks up a lot after the first few episodes. A lot happens this season, Danerys, the mother of dragons, finally comes into herself as a true Targeryn, conquering cities through Fire & Blood. Robb Stark, the King in the North, finds himself facing enemies on all sides, including those he didn't expect. Theon Greyjoy get's what he has coming (cmon, you know we were all thinking it at first), but by the end you actually start to feel for the guy. Jamie Lannister has started down his road for redemption (yes, really).
    All I can say is stay tuned in, because you aint seen nothing yet. Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD is going to be the biggest yet, its all building up to a certain wedding where the battle between the wolf and the lion reaches fruition, and you will cry by the end (yes you WILL).
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