Watch Abortion Through Ultrasound

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    [ame=]YouTube - ABORTION - THE SILENT SCREAM #1 / Part 1 / 01 / One / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - ABORTION - THE SILENT SCREAM #2 / Part 2 / 02 Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - THE SILENT SCREAM Part 3 High Resolution Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video on Abortion[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - ABORTION - THE SILENT SCREAM #5 / Part 5 / 05 Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video[/ame]
  2. I'm just amazed that you actually took the time to post
  3. this is fucked up
  4. Doesn't change my views.
  5. You didn't watch the videos. Not even enough time has passed for that to be possible.
  6. Appeal to emotion, appeal to fear, appeal to pity. All of the tactics used by the op are not logically sound. Abortion is wrong, just watch these videos of fetuses in a blender.

    Did you have trouble demonstrating the whole "soul enters the zygote at the moment of conception" business? Gee...:rolleyes:
  7. ok, just cause i'm pro choice (fucking hate that label) doesn't mean i wanna WATCH A FUCKING ABORTION. Are you people retarded? Why don't you post a picture of a woman giving birth while you're at it. I'm sure it'll make plenty people squimish (sp?).
  8. What the hell are you even talking about man? I'm not appealing to anything. I'm just sharing a video that I watched stoned and was blown away by. Not everything has to be some conspiracy theory :laughing: It's just a movie...
  9.'s just a movie. And holocaust was just a game of hide and seek...

  10. Are you saying that abortion resembles the holocaust? Do tell.:smoke:
  11. Wow are people dumb.

    OP thought the vids were genuinely interesting, so they posted them.

    Did you see any text saying "THIS IS HORRIBLE! or "THIS IS AWESOME"

    No. The said incredible, as in, i'm surprised that this was able to be recorded in the way it was.

  12. excuse me, but how does this make me dumb? Cause i don't wanna watch a fucking abortion video? I came in this thread just to voice my opinion. having an opinion is not the same as being dumb. You calling other people dumb, however, is pretty ignorant. oh and i wasn't comparing the holocaust to abortion. I compared you saying this was just a movie, like me comparing holocaust to a game of hide and seek. you can't read? Or do you just lack common knowledge of the english language?
  13. I'm assuming he opposes abortion is he posts anti-abortion propaganda, and isn't just doing it for the fun of it. Sorry if you really meant "Check out this crazy anti-abortion propaganda." That would have been a lot less confusing, by the way.

    Edit: The video is called "The Silent Scream" for fucks sake. It's goddamn propaganda.
  14. If you don't wanna see an abortion then leave the thread.

    Quite a simple task.

    Sure is voicing your opinion, but the way you went about it, made you seem as if you were like "OMG THIS IS RIDICULES STUPD!!!1111"

    Atleast to me it did.

    And i wasn't referring to the holocaust shit. So....bite me.
  15. It's apparently impossible to have any business in a thread with some blatant anti-abortion propaganda without wanting to watch the videos.
  16. I watched about half of these vids. Thanks for teaching me something new OP.
    And yea this is pretty disgusting, but a lot of medical procedures are, so it doesn't change my view about abortions. A woman should still have the Freedom of choice.

  17. i wasn't directing my holocaust reference to you, in case you didn't read the other 5 posts before yours. And i never said this was stupid. I can see when people are trying to air out their believes, and that's fine. But posting anti abortion videos on here, that's a different story. What if i were a vegetarian and started posting all those "abuse in slaughterhouses" videos? That wouldn't bother anyone?
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    I didn't want to watch the vids once i found out they were vids. I was interested in the title, thinking an article was present.

    And i really find it funny how people are like "propaganda this, propaganda that"

    Why not sit down and here what the "propaganda" is saying. They might say some stuff you haven't heard before. Just because theres "propaganda" everywhere, doesn't mean its the same.

    Or maybe i just like to think that SOME people follow their own thought process, in terms of informing people about stuff.

    Take all the anti-weed commercials for example. Remember the commercial with the chick melting to the couch? Sure that doesn't mean weed itself will do that.

    But Indica will. People seem to forget, yea, Indica does make you lazy at some point.

    There might not be much truth to the propaganda but there is SOME. And by some, i mean like 1%. If you really think about it, all propaganda has some form of informative stuff. Most people are just too caught up thinking their correct to acknowledge it.

    My apologies for misunderstanding then.

    As for the vegetarian and abuse in slaughterhouse. We have had some threads posted about it, and most people said it was sickening. Mainly due to how the animals were being abuse. Sure they are going to be killed for food, but the fact that they were mistreated is what sparked the !!!!!!!!! in people.

    It isn't a different story actually. It's the same story as people posting pro abortion vids. They can do that. If you disagree then, that sucks for you.

    Maybe i took what you and Argo said with mis-context. I was under the assumption that the two of you thought it was horrendous for someone to post that, due to it being interesting.

    If that was the case, my apologies.

    If it was not the case. I retract my apology.
  19. there's has been so many abortion threads lately..they totally come and go like fucking wave fucking waves.....but I watched this already today.....while eating a fat meaty gooey tostada.......and jacking off........while burning a bible........chanting a satanic dialect......and taking a constipated shit.......ya that's right........abortions FTW
  20. this type of abortion no longer happens, it was banned.


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