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    so this girl I like a lot has been kindof dodging me on a relationship. I told her I like her more than a friend but she's obviously not interested because of all the boys in her life and I guess she just doesn't take me seriously. I'm tryna be the man in her life but she won't let me..

    shes still focused on the (untrustworthy)boys if that makes sense. She is one of those bad girls, who could care less about guys but we hangout 5 days out of the week. She could have what she needs but doesn't want to accept me. We haven't slept with each other just cuddled n kissed when we were drunk... hasnt been to recent though :/. I am a true gentlemen to her and always will spend a little cash on her for food and concerts.. fuck friend zones man, I was just tryna show her I can provide fun...

    I want her to grow the hell up & love me but I guess I need help... or at least advice on how I should further proceed. Is psychological warfare okay? I'm sure if I stopped talking to her it would show her how nice I always am to her compared to the other dumbfucks.. then again I don't want to hurt her. She's hurt me before by sleeping with my friend after I told her I liked her the first time. I don't just want to move on because I like this girl to much & they ladies don't come by like her in my area.. ladies & gents, what wud u do in my situation?
  2. There was a girl like that in my life once.I can honestly say I was in love with her,but she had just broken up with her bf and hung around a bunch of doucher guys.I never tried to get with her,because of she went through a bit of a partying phase and hanging out with those said guys.

    We worked together and I got laid off not too long after she became single,so I just kind of stopped talking to her.

    I can only say,that I think it's something she needs to do and get out of her proverbial system.It'll help her grow up alot.
  3. Unfortunately I don't want to wait. She's def. in the party phase... she told me the other day how she's a "professional partyer" ha, but she gets drunk n gets sleezy.. she thinks she's a player.. which she could be with all the guys in her life. How should I show her I am better than them all? any ideas..
  4. She doesn't seem intereseted. Youve been friend zoned hard.

    I would stop pursuing her and use her as leverage to get a new, better girl.
  5. not only what this guy said^

    but it would suck to actually get with her then have her resent you because she felt like she didnt get it out of her system. whatever that may be.
  6. Ya I was/am in the same situation.
    This girl started trying to talk to me, I wasn't sure if I was interested shes not the best looking girl, etc. But I had just started college and I was lonely, so whatever. Turns out she was fun as shit to hangout with. Things progressed and I told her that I would no longer be interested in her if she was going to be hanging out with other dudes before, been down that road. So she said that because of that she was cutting it off, fine by me.
    She still texts me all the time, this weekend she came over all fucked up and on ecstacy, obviously wanted some dick. I kissed her but made it clear I had no intentions to go any further. She still texts me all the time, confusing as fuck I don't know what she wants.
  7. I'd like a womens perspective the most... but I feel ya two. I already feel like she she slept with my friend... who used her for sex of course. She likes me, but she doesn't love me enough for a relationship. I feel if anything she's scared it would ruin our friendship... isn't there a way I could show her I'm better without having to lose her? I don't care atm, I'll do whatever it takes.

    I feel ya on the other hand of her dumping me after though too. That would suck but at least I did have her... at this point I still haven't had shit... & I WANT SHIT! ;p
  8. itdef. sounds like my situation man. except i let her chill with other guys cus we never had a "relationship" like that. it rly does come down to the things u wish u did say.. u should of said... but ffs why can't girls figure out what they need... they only care about what they want.
  9. Sounds like a cold hearted cunt and you'd be better of without her, honestly. Just learn to control your feelings, not too hard.
  10. haha yes. It sucks..
  11. Move on, ask her if she has any single friends, she'll probably hook you up if she does
  12. guess I'll tell her that she hurt me whether she cares or not, I won't be asking her for single friends anytime soon... shes been very mean to the guys interested in her recently calling them all pathetic little fucks. I'm going to tell her she has a real fucked up view on reality. I mean I could be that guy who loved her for who she is... you know what I'm sayin instead of that HS scene of douche bags. She didnt text back yesterday either when she called us pathetic fucks.. assuming she as talking about me an others
  13. Relationships sucks.
  14. Leave her. Don't hang out with her at all. If she texts you or tries to talk, be short with her and keep it moving. Be nonchalant, not rude. But if she insists, tell her to get fucked but seal it with "wait, you already do. Dishonest fuckin' whore.".


    I mean, I'd say it. Fuck her feelings twice.
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    You seem like you're a nice guy, but you're making the typical mistake of "I'll just do this or that and she'll eventually wake up and realize that I'm better than all these other jerks she's been with" Well that doesn't happen. So do you have to become an asshole? Here's the thing...

    YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A JERK TO GET WOMEN! You just have to change a few things you tend to be "nice" about. For instance:

    We tend to believe that there are "acceptable" and "unacceptable" things to do around women. And while this is true to some extent, Nice Guys are often wrong about the limits of what is acceptable. Like being sexual around women. Many Nice Guys believe this is "inappropriate behavior."

    But that's wrong! Being sexual around a woman is a very powerful way of communicating your interest in her. Little things like flirting and joking about sex can go a long way into making you a potential lover instead of just a potential "friend."

    Not taking the lead
    Too often, "Nice Guys" wait around for the girl to make the first move to initiate romance. This is a DEADLY mistake! Women take their cues from the men they're with. If you want to escalate into a physical relationship, you have to be the one to make the first move. This can be scary. It's possible to get rejected. But if you don't do it, you won't succeed!

    Actions speak louder than words, and if you allow yourself to act and go in for a kiss, or not be afraid to touch her, then you communicate all the right things... Things like aggressiveness, confidence, and sexuality -- all things women find irresistibly attractive!

    Boring talk
    Way too many Nice Guys like to talk about boring stuff. They do nothing to captivate the girl. Their stories don't inspire romance or attraction. In short: Nice Guys are neutered!

    The real trick with women is to be playful! Have fun with them! Crack jokes. Tease them. Have a good time. Show her a little bit of attention instead of focusing on yourself - but don't take yourself for granted either! If you just talk, and talk, and talk without knowing what you're saying, you're going to bore the girl you're with. And girls who are bored with you will not be attracted to you.

    If you look at the three points above, you can see that the Jerks who get all the women do these things. BUT, Nice guys can do them too, and not have to act like a complete horses ass to do them! You can still be the Nice Guy you've always been, but just change simple tactics and see a drastic improvement in your success with women.
    Any other questions just ask.

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  16. STOP! Bitch isn't interested. There are millions of chicks in the world, go look for another one.
  17. yeah, you probably won't be able to convince her. I've been there- but I was the girl (obviously!). I fwb the guy (holy cow- it took forever before he'd go that far w/ me, I wasn't used to guys beating around the bush about it)- but he wanted more & I was still playing after being in a long term relationship that went to shit. He was SO sweet to me, but it was overpowering (ie annoying). I thought I was doing the right thing by doing my thang and not drawing him in & being sorry later.

    So, banging wasn't enough for him & he resented me 'partying' (with benefits). There was a falling out because of this & he peaced out. It was ugly. We didn't talk much for about a year. And one day I called him & asked if he wanted to go do something. We did, reconnected as friends & it was pretty much history after that. We're married now.
  18. The only solution, is death.

  19. I found this fucking cute somehow.

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