wat kind of water to use???

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  1. hey people. im new to growing. i just wanted to know wat kind of water would be the best for the weed. Tab water or spring water from the store. also should it be warm water or cold. its going to be a indoor grow project. please reply back if u have any suggestions. thanx peace out
  2. Ideally water temp should be as close to the temp in the grow room, certainly not freezing cold as this will shock! the plants.
    Some swear by carbonated water for both hydro and soil...can't really comment as i use tap water!
    Maybe someone else can give more details?
  3. thanx for the help. I'll just use tab water than
  4. Dude i just use plain old tab water i cant imagine buying spring water everytime lol thass funny but i had that same doubt when i started growing...unless u have really bad piping where the H2O comes out brown lol but just roll with the tab water good luck...

    :wave: GROWW ONN-peace o u t :wave:
  5. Woody,

    I bought a pH meter and all my plants are registering about 7.5 which is too high I think. Where do I buy this nitric acid, is it something I can add to water?
  6. the wet kind is usually works best
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