Wat Is this on my plants?

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  1. the first two pics is my 3 week old plant its first two leaves if u look in the pic have problems idk what it is and the pic of the little one I was wondering what is causing those little tear looks in my leave let me Kno asap plz

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  2. Toxicity or needs more
  3. Well before I say more , what is your medium ? Ph ? Soil ph? Nutes ? And ppm or ec?
  4. RO water or tap
  5. All I kno is i have organic soil and use purified water getting a ph meter tm so I don't know ph yet and nutes right now is fish fertilizer 5-1-1
  6. And I have a 10 15 10 one buh haven't used on the plants yet
  7. Ok well what soil
  8. It ace hardware soil withh like a percent of npk 1-1-1
  9. Wasting my time
  10. Bye then
  11. You need better soil. could be anything with hardware/Walmart type soils.
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  12. you mix any perlite w/ soil? get rid of mulch too. sry not looking like a good start
  13. No I just upped and grabbed a bag of soil wat wud u recommend for soil mix next time idk much about soil or what good
  14. anything you can find at hydo stores. Fox farms Ocean forest and happy frog both work great. Roots soil is decent as well. with all soil you should still add perlite. might want to here want others do also. I had cheap soil from co-op I'm just seeing how that goes and will get better next time.
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  15. To check and see if anyone near you carries fox farms google fox farms store locator and use their websites store locator to check local nurseries... I have a few that carry em near me and I can thankfully get 3CU of happy frog for 20$ which is my favorite between HF and OF.

    Grow journal
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  16. Thanks for the info man I'll make sure my soil better next time I just rushed into it
  17. I heard lots of wood can use up nitrogen in soil so if ur soil has a lot id pick some out and get perlite add to soil n replant. just a guess.
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  18. You need to go to a grow store. Get some fox farm or sunshine soil, then get a decent start up nute line. Definitely a PH meter with ph up and down and storeing solution. What kind of lights are you running? The first 2 leaves die off, others will to. It just happens.

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  19. Maybe watch some grow videos on YouTube or pick up a book at barns and noble. This isn't something you should just rush into. It take time money and lots of patience.

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