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Wat good bud b tastin like

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bablok, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I got some shit called fruity loops, from west palm beach, and it taste like salad and berries, like im eating rasberries wrapped in grass. This shit is fire, wat does yalls hedes taste like
  2. I had some 50's that was named frooty loops, it tasted like straight fruit loops

    Cherry kush tasted exactly like cherries

    i cant recall any other "exotic" flavors
  3. Lets be honest with ourselves here. NO bud no matter how good tastes like whatever name it has. Ive smoked cherry pie that tastes nothing like cherries. Our taste buds cant pick up flavors from gases.

  4. Of course our.tastebuds can pick out flavors from gas lmao. Where do people come up with this shit?
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    Wat yeah they can, its not gases, its just like the smell of shit, tiny microscopic particles collect on hairs in the nose, which is connected to taste buds, wich is y i french inhale so i getta better taste, wen u light the bud the oils release smoke which r micro particle ashes of the burning plant cells, which stick to the back of ur tounge
  6. I think i kno y marijuana gets u high... If u put a jar of danker under your eyes, ur eyes will prolly burn, so i think we just ignite semi-flamable vapors, inhale, and it replaces oxygen with burnt marijuana vapors, choking us getting us high. So we get fucked up off a flowers vapors
  7. Wtf, how do you go from scientifically smart to dumb in 2 minutes? LOL :smoke:
  8. #8 bablok, Aug 9, 2011
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    Im 98.09% street smart, 1.91% stoner genius
  9. I got some shit from my old dealer that he called "Citrus Kush"
    It tasted like oranges but then I asked him and he said he just put an orange peel in with the bud. :/ :p
  10. LSD ( lemon skunk diesel ) tastes just like lemons , it's almost sour on your tongue
  11. ive had a lot of fruity tasting strains over time. my favorite tasting strain has got to be sweet tooth, the taste was indescribably sweet and it was some DANK.

    some dank strains i get that dont have a name are usually some funky stuff that tastes sweet, sour, or very bitter. if it tastes bitter it still tastes and smells amazing btw. :smoke:
  12. While some names are pretty exaggerated, I've had some that do live up to the name, Blueberry, and California Orange being noteable examples, there was no doubting the taste at all. Proper curing is also essential!

    But this is why: Terpene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Terpenes in Cannabis is responsible for the smell and flavor of the bud, and many of the same terpenes actually exist in other plants, including fruit! For example, the popular terpene Mycrene is found in both Cannabis and Mango!
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  14. I've had some mango kush that smelt and tasted like mangos, and I have some pineapple kush right now that smells and tastes just like dole pineapples :smoke:

  15. Actually we get high because when you combust the plant material the THc comes aout along with other cannabinoids, which we inhale, and our lung absorb the THC and CBD like it would air, and the THC and CBD go through into our blood into our brain which sets of CBD1 and CBD2 receptors in our brain which make us feel "high" We have many receptors, some are capable of making us feel good, aka high.
  16. I had some sweet tooth i got soo pissed of with the flavour that i didnt wanna smoke it anymore, it was literally too sweet
  17. If you have never smoked bud that "tasted like its name," then you are smoking bud with a made-up name....

    There are a ton of strains named after tastes and scents. Some day you will be lucky enough to find one.
  18. I had some OG Kush (it was purple) and it tasted just like lemons with a hint of skunk.
  19. I just got some Lemon OG Kush... Tastes just like lemons. It's amazing.
  20. You are a *****

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