wat are the things you can roll with? check this out

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  1. one time i was on break and i couldnt find anythin to smoke out of. i had aluminum foil to makea small pipe but i didnt have one, ran out of zig zags, and so i bought some food from kfc and tore sum off the bag...rolled sum weed in it...and it worked great! like a dam blunt no jokeeeee i was so happy....and high you all know thats a great comboooo
  2. bad for youuuuu
  3. if you could go to kfc you could go to a gas station and buy some zig zags
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    dude when i was mad young i used to be a mall rat and we always use to smoke joints up at the mall walking around the ouside or in the woods behind it and whenever we needed something to smoke out of we would always go to borders and get on of those thin paper tolet seat covers and rip off some paper and roll a joint with it. It worked so good cuz they are made out of some kind of rolling paper.
    Ohh and the paper that tampons are rapt in works really good to.
    I would never do it now cuz i got plenty of glass and plenty of papers but i works good in a pinch
  5. thats kind of disgusting in my humble oppinion. I think ill stick to regular papers
  6. Have to agree with the above statement. if you have had enough to go to KFC, you could afford to get a pack of papers. Shit you can get a pack of 100 Top papers for a little over $1.00.

    Anyways, have to say that I haven't tried to roll with anything weird, weirdest thing (in my mind) are the translucent papers, I love um, but they are still weird to me.
  7. i had bought a pack before cause they looked really cool, but i find that they dont roll as nice as other papers such as my favourite, raws. They have too much of a plastic feel to me..plus they have to bleach the crap out of it to get it like that. They sit in my room.
  8. umm there made from glucose or atleast the ones i had were
  9. made from cellulose. I agree that they do feel like plastic. They always get rolled with my roller though, can't roll those things to save my damn life.
  10. exactomundo!
  11. you coulda been cool like the campus patrol in how high and use regular paper and tape :)

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