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wat are my chances

Discussion in 'General' started by dealer#420, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. i would like to know what my chances of passing my piss test today. i stopped smoking a week ago. 4 days ago i started drinkin alot of water like 3+ gallons a day, and yesterday i popped 2 500MG of niacin at 5pm and 2 more at 5am. it will be a hometest thing from walmart(probation is cheap), my piss test is at 2pm, what are my chances of passing

    i think i will pass what about you guys?

    ps - dont flame just answer the question im curious
  2. its almost 2, anyone have anything to say
  3. 3+ gallons a day?! Wow. well, be careful not to get water poisoning. I'd say you have a fair chance of passing,
  4. yea i really need to pass, i drank 1/3 of a gallon every half hour for around 3-5 hours.. its just below 3 gallons tho.

    but its almost 2 so ill let you guys know how it went
  5. i passed the thread can be closed now
  6. Congrats! ^_^
  7. That was pretty quick to find out that you passed. I figured you would have though, just didn't see the thread in time...

  8. yea i knew someone who passed and he smokes more weed then everyone i know

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