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Wasting Weed Is The Worst

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, May 19, 2013.

  1. Failed at making ood canna butter for cookies today :(. The worst is that i used 5g of some of the best weed ive got in a while... There goes some good flower
  2. Always use shit weed to make your edibles. Using high quality isn't the best idea, when you'd get the same effects from some brick weed.
  3. tis a sad time when edibles fail but you can pull through by not fucking up next time.
    seriously though it does suck, i usually save some to smoke just incase
  4. Wasted weed is the worst kind of weed. >.<
  5. Yeah, shits rough!! Wouldn't that be some pretty weak butter though!? I guess it was for the best either way, haha, better luck next time dood!!
  6. How did you fail :(?
  7. Make a test run with cheap, small amounts of weed first.
  8. I had it in a jar with oil in a crock pot. Te jar was submerged in water and set on low. I guess my crock pots low wasnt hot enough and didnt release much thc, it was in there for a few hours
  9. Can't you just keep heating it then? Not a master of edibles so maybe I'm wrong.

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