Wasted weed. .almost caught..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Okay so wednesday we were rollin a fatty.. crack the philly get ready grind up 2.5gs of nice ass beasters its fine as hell i grinded it up for like 10 mins straight pour it on a peice of notebook paper and start rollin it.. i dump the powder and line it across the blunt and stuff is startin to fall left and right .. its ok ill stuff it back in when i lick the blunt up and have it half finished (so theres crumbs and crystals all over the paper / table that fell out when rollin the blunt.. the blunt wouldnt turn over cause it was too wide of a roll and when i finnaly got it to reach around the leaf was to wet and it wasnt stickin good.. all of a sudden 'his dads home shit get everthing out' .. we got about 15 seconds to clean up omg weed is everywehre on this table about a gram of keif and small bud particals.. we had to dump it all on the floor ;\ lucky we managed to save about 2gs and finished the roll and smoked but damn.. theres crystals now alllll over his floor heh
  2. Ahhh that sucks, I woulda just licked the table :D

  3. LMFAO!! Pot freak! :D
  4. you call him a pot freak.

    i call him dedicated.

  5. Committed... or at least he should be! :D :rolleyes:
  6. haha a good vaccum would get it
  7. If i was the kid i would lick up the carpet and tell my parents that I am going to eat carpet instead of doing drugs.
  8. hah that totally blows
  9. That would suck but good thing you still got the blunt rolled.

    :hello::hello:420th post:hello::hello:

  10. Carpet muncher?! :D
  11. haha that blows... i would have taken my sweet time and told his dad to fuck off

  12. rofl .. funny shit i was sittin there and b4 his dad got home someone was like what if his dad came home i said i would be like 'dude mr ninny this is a FAT blunt .. and i cant hid it from u so ima finish rollin .. u can cheeff on it but ima finish rollin it here'

    ..ofcourse i said that o_O
  13. I would of got that blunt and just rolled it in the crystals just like that.. but that's me...

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