Wasted playing Stoner games

Discussion in 'General' started by JumunjiToker, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. man - i got some excellent really dank bud. It was almost the size of a corn cob.
    After a couple of bongs I found Retro Powerpack on the net and man I played it for hours……it was the best time i've had wasted in ages ……the URL is www.retropack.com
  2. welcome to the city

    when i was a kiddie, games like that was state-of-the-art :D

    but then again, a modern calculator got more computing power than the apollo-capsules, so call it progress.

    but yeah, retro games are cool to play when stoned, or at any other time for that matter, but i get bored with them after about an hour or so...

    edit: for some real retro gaming, download a spectrum or c64 emulator and a few games like:


    hmm, i forget. there's tons of 'em
  3. man i play Tony HAwks pro skater 4 when im on shrooms and i like to put the slow motion and disco mode cheats on cause everything turns real bright colors really slow and its a good shroom or acid trip.
  4. hehe, yeah, thps4 on disco-mode (and moon physics), it's hilarious when baked. i think they put those two features in just to please us stoners. hell, i'm sure most of the development team are stoners too :)

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