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Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jun 29, 2003.


decisions decisions

  1. mooglekexin got money.. HA

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  2. thats noice of you, model citizen

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  3. spend it on weed you fool

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  4. you aint found love on the city so blow it all on whores. hehe

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  1. Digit you got money for a printer yet ??? if i get cash soon i will pre-order a poster you you can say to the folks "hey biatch i got me an order BEFORE i am even set up so gimmie some money before i implde"

    well you could rephrase that a bit...
  2. that would be muchly appreciated kind sir. thats the type of thing thats gonna get me mah moneh.

    (i already got me one order btw.)
    need more.
  3. k, i will start collecting funds now... im officially stopping buying things to save your broke ass :)
  4. lol

    is this a family meeting?
  5. Little known fact:

    I was actually attached to Digit at birth, he is merely my unwanted excess.

  6. and that's what we're all going to let him believe until he dies. theres no need telling him the truth and making him feel bad... so moogleK, shshshsh. let him think I'M the discardedness. ;) :p :D :)
  7. hahahaha


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