Wasted and Fucked

Discussion in 'General' started by StonerBabe420, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. I wanna get wasted and fuck? Who agrees?
  2. i agree completely,
    jeez i hope you are a girl, cos i've just booked a flight from here in the uk to north carolina.

    Seriously though, i get horny as fuck when i smoke, and as i'm a 'wake 'n' bake' kinda person, i am left (in the absence of a bird) with blisters on my hand.

    now there's a pleasant thought for you all.
  3. Bish that was a little more than we needed to know thanks!

    I met a girl from north carolina once on a flight home from Pittsburgh, Nice girl she was! Although I dont know if she liked to get wasted she certainly liked to fuck! (but thats a different story!)

    Stonerbabe if thats an offer I think all the guys from the UK on here would probably charter a flight!!
  4. :wave: I'm up for it. Unless you're like under 18 .:eek:

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  5. I have to agree with roach. But if you are over 18 i'm only three or four hours away.

    I have some good weed and good friendship. Just let me know!!!!!!!!
  6. 100% Why aren't their more girls like you StonerBabe. And Why are their none near me!
  7. There are alot of girls like that around where i live. It just seems they dont want to fuck me. Oh well
  8. HELL YEAH!! Roooooll on, Smoke On,Ride On!!
  9. i usually don't get very personal, but stonerbabe has a point. When you fuck stoned, its great. At least for women, you enjoy it so much more, and even though it feels so much better that you think it'll end soon-you can go on for hours. however graphic you make it-I'd have to agree sex while stoned is one of life's great treasures. he he he.
  10. jada.....We are of one mind at times love luckand HIGHS to Ya'll!! Roooooll On!
  11. Wow, it seems like we have alot in common just from reading these forums. Well, they say great minds think alike!! Keep Blazen!!
  12. Blazen RIGHT NOW...... wishin' it to ya!
  13. Stonerbabe, are you single???

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