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  1. We all love to do something. We all love to do different things and we tend to befriend people with the same interests. So with this in mind, why do we waste our whole lives slaving away at things we don't like? It sounds stupid to do things you just don't enjoy doing for your whole life.

    Why is it that we all cant do what we love and wish?

    This has had me rethinking everything Ive ever done. Honestly, I love to fish but I'm also interested in finance, but for multiple hours a day I sit at school and learn things I will never use and are irrelevant. If I don't do good in these courses, or even if I do, chances are It wont matter in the long run because when its time for me to get a job I can guarantee it wont be doing what I love; I will be slaving away until I finally can retire and live out however many years I have left finally doing what I love. But why do I have to wait till I'm pressed for time to enjoy my life? Life is precious but the way our society sees life isnt the way I want to live.

    Please leave your thoughts on the topic below! Stay blazin my friends!
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  2. If there is one important lesson I've learned, its enjoy the ttime given to you, instead of always dreaming of greener fields

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  3. I enjoy posting on GC everyday for hours and hours and hours until I die.
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  4. You're looking at it the wrong way. If life were full of only intense exciting things then nothing would every feel truly exciting. You need that mundane hard working part of life in order to feel those truly exciting thrilling moments of life. Kind of a lost paradise aspect if you will. On a more practical note. Life can't always be about short term desire and pleasure. Sometimes we must do things like go to school, study, work, clean, and pay bills which sacrifice short term hapiness for long term hapiness. Well I agree that people shouldn't be trapped in a completely mundane life. I think taking the opposite extreme of always doing what you want would lead to lot of negative things. Like all things in life I think we must balance our desire fort short term and long term hapiness.
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  5. I get what youre saying, but let me give you an example. Let's say there is a kid who goes his whole life trying his hardest in school. He doesn't make excellent grades, he cant get into a college with his dream major or he cant go to a college with his dream major because of family problems; the kid will have to settle for something he hates, but that's life right? Life's unfair, I get that. But now the kid must suffer and "sleep" through his life doing something he hates. Is that really life? I mean we only get one life and it should be filled with great memories and experiences, along with mistakes and life lessons. But I guess what I'm trying to say is, why cant we all do what we love? Its a hard concept to wrap your mind around. But if we all did what we loved, I believe the world would be a much more productive place. I believe crime rates would go down, suicide and depression would go down, stress levels and all around suffering would go down. I know it is impossible for us all to do what we love, but it just frustrates me how some people cant do what they love for whatever reason.
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    sounds like you're just in high school crisis.
    the kid can just take a break.  i graduated top 10 in class but had to take a break cuz of family/money issues.  i got a part time job a restaurant and i would've never thought about being a waiter when i was in high school.  but that doesn't mean that my life has been a waste so far.  i'll be going back to school and during my break, i can plan my future.  and even though i've hated the idea of being a waiter, especially given that i'm not the sociable type and i would have to talk to customers, i actually ended up enjoying what i do.  i met good people, learned about wine, and got free booze after work.  and it really helped me to be more sociable.  i wasn't awkward with the customers anymore.  was this something i dreamed of doing when i was younger?  no, but it's all within process.
    it's good to think about these things and i think it's a perspective thing.  but sometimes you have to stop thinking about whether what you're doing is what i love or what i hate and enjoy the ride.  happiness is a journey, not a destination.  or something like that...
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  7. I think that's just a very idealistic vision. I think that every job and even life is what you make out of it. There are plenty of people who don't get college degrees that find very satisfying jobs. I know two kids who are now selling life insurance who had to drop out of school after working their asses off and still not doing very well. Life is all about what you make of it. I have to do a shit ton of work all day but I realize that it's worth it cause in the end I'll be much more likely to find a satisfying career that challenges me. Even if you have a shit job it doesn't mean you are permanently locked in it and can't work your way out it. Also there are so many people that work low end jobs and still have very satisfying lives. Ultimately my point is that sometimes people are gonna have shit luck and be stuck in a dead end job. My dad told me a long time ago life isn't fair. People who don't deserve things often get a lot and people who deserve so much often are left with the short end of the stick.
    Probably the most accurate thing he's ever told me. Obviously I encourage people trying to follow their dreams. But you have to be a little more pragmatic. What if every person who hated their jobs quits. Who would be the working backbone of America? I think you are thinking this from a more personal perspective. And I agree personally if you feel that way then try to make changes. I just think a large part of life is dealing with bullshit that allows us to further enjoy the good times.

    Think about it this way. If you could avoid brushing your teeth or taking a shower and you wouldn't feel dirty or get dirty teeth then you most likely wouldn't do either of those things. The thing is that's not life. If you avoid doing those things they have real life consequences. Well I thing people should always look for new employment when in a shitty position. You have to be reasonable about not being overly selective if you don't have many options. Otherwise the real life consequence of not being able to eat will rear it's head in.

    I honestly understand where you are coming from. Just try to think of it from a more global perspective and outside of yourself. Would the world really function if everyone just did what they want all the time? Is it possible to have a universe where everyone can always do what they want and no one ever treads on each other desires? Just seems highly unlikely to me. I'm extremely cynical though so that's possibly why. Either way I personally find my school work to be really satisfying. There's nothing better than getting a good grade after studying your ass off. To me hard work is often really satisfying in the long run, but I'm sure I wouldn't feel that way if I was working a dead end job.
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  8. People want in excess. So they sacrifice an excessive amount of time to acquire money for things they don't really need.
    Which is fine. It is their choice.
    If you want your own house filled with fancy gadgets you're going to have to waste a lot of time working.
    If you want your own time then you have to learn to live without many of the silly gadgets people spend excessive amounts of money on.
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  9. Who the hell is gonna do the things that have to get done and suck? for example plastering sucks hard...anything dirty generally sucks. Generally you're gonna need people to suck it up and look at the bigger picture.

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  10. "Everybody's working for the weekend"
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  11. I found this quote on a Rastafari page on facefuck, thought it was pretty awesome.
    Don't confuse your path with your destination. Just because it's stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine.
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  12. But everything and ever job has some people who love it. There may not be an excess amount of people who enjoy doing it, but somebody does
  13. As someone in this thread said later on dont confuse the journey with the destination. Yea plastering and painting sucks, but some people like to build houses and create and finish knowing there hands created that. 
    And dirty? Im a mechanic. I love it so much i actually decided to go back and im going to school for it. Do i love twisting nuts and bolts? no. Do i love probing wires? no. But i love the feeling i get when i find the problem no one else could figure out, or when i change that part and she works beautifully the first time. 
    You have to love your craft. If you dont then you just let life push you around until you just ended up where you are. 
    As my pops always said if you love your job you will never work a day in your life. 
    Its true.
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  14. Just to clarify, I mainly mean about careers and jobs. If everyone did their dream job, things would be more productive and our society would be way more advanced. But we cannot do this because some peoples dreams(realistic dreams) require things that are not available to them. I'm not saying In anyway that things should be given to you without work, time, and effort; but I'm saying if we all worked for what we really truley want to do and resources were more available to some people, nobody would ever work, because like mentioned above, you never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you're doing.
  15. Well I would need like 5 jobs lmao. I feel ya coolioluke9.. I get my hands dirty too and truly don't think it sucks but man....to think I have a passion for mechanics and fixing stuff. Then there's guys "below" me who do the monotonous work seemingly never ending or changing...i guess it's all in how you look at the position you are in, a lot seem to be mundane and carry with them Complacency.
    I've thought about this and I think an intelligent balanced peoples need some sort of work, keep them disciplined to an extent, yet beneficial to society. There are some real shitty jobs out there tho (show dirty jobs for example...let alone the less dirty ones). I think it would be great if we all could do our dream jobs if you genuinely think you have one (I think mine would be a chairlift/ski resort millwright) you would still need other skills in other areas that are in more demand because, well. .most likely there's more than a couple people who wanna be interior designers or fashionistas lol..
  16. Yeah but a lot of people have unrealistic dreams, like when I was 10 I wanted to be a NFL player, but now I want to be a financial advisor. Big difference, ones a realistic dream, and ones not
  17. I think the idea is that we have natural affinities in our lives that we need to become aware of and take advantage of.
  18. i dont ever want too work.....but i cant...so i gotta work...you cant even walk around forever and forge too live cause everything is owned by something/someone and they want money unlike me..
  19. I get the idea of "dirty" work sucks but some people like to build houses or whatever...yeah...

    Who enjoys dealing with sewage?...who would take the "dream job" of cleaning/repairing septic tanks? Dealing with raw sewage...

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