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Waste of cash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SkilledToker, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Hey Blades,
    I've been tokin for 3 years now, and sometimes I feel like it's a waste of cash, but then I realize I don't really have many other things I want to buy.  Anyways do you feel like it's a waste of money ever?
    Also, I like to match people but seems like noones down to nowadays and I smoke people out for free because they say they'll smoke me out. Now I haven't been lately.
    Anyways am I just being paranoid or what? I feel like it's a bit expensive but i usually pick up 3.5 grams for $30 from one dispensary but this other has 3.5g's at 23 so I am thinking of going there again to save some money.

  2. It's a valid concern. If I didn't buy weed, I could put more money into savings and buy more material shit that I want. But then I wouldn't have weed. 
    For now, I've decided I want weed. Your own decision is up to you. :p 
    Keep in mind you can save money by buying in bulk too. :smoking: 
  3. Well, like I have $100+ right now until the 3rd of July hopefully, and I feel like buying a new bong and bud, but then I think ugh idk and yeah lol. I could buy a bike for like $77.
  4. It can be a concern.  Try to budget yourself if worried.  For example, say "ill spend this much a month on bud and equip a month".  But think of it like this...Old women collect those little decorative spoons.  Some people collect stamps..some people buy 5 cars...its all where you want to allocate your funds to maximize your quality of life.
    I dont think its a waste of money at all, but thats just because i have a lot of the things i want right now[as far as material items].
    For me, it makes everything about every day life better, which is priceless.
    Except I suppose bud does have a price.
    Careful with that, sometimes the good deals in dispensaries are for a reason, I've gotten some serious stem before from a dispensary for a 25$ 1/8th. 
    You should ask yourself if you think its worth it, for example, if you work for $10 an hour, that 3.5grams is 2.3hours(you said its 23$) of work. Does 2.3 hours of work feel worth it for that 3.5grams?
  6. Well OP it depends what you would consider a waste of money, I mean for example would you not just waste your bud money on more unneeded items like junk food, soda, beer/spirits or anything else that you may derive enjoyment from?

    I mean I don't get a lot of money to be honest and I can still afford to pay my board to my parents, buy a q every 2 weeks and it's not like I'm hard pushed.

    Just need to put things into perspective, and if you want to buy something new then half the amount you spend on bud or something. Until you save up enough money for said item?
    That's less of a weed problem and more of a just not having much money problem. There's always going to be other things you can buy with the money you're spending. 
    Do I want a new TV or a new stereo? Do I want a new bike or a new toaster oven? Do I want a bag of weed or a fridge full of bacon? :p 
    Just gotta decide where you want your money to go. :smoking: 
  8. Considering that where I live an eighth is generally $60 with the occasional $50 eighth being a good deal, working 2.3 hours for 3.5 grams would be a dream come true!!
    I love smoking weed and I just have been smoking alone at home because noone has match, and I've been wanting to have awesome stoner adventures ya know but it hasn't been happening lol. I mean, it's summer. I am on probation till next month and I am still toking lol. I Am just afraid this is the last of the money i'll get from SS because I told someone who was evaluating me to see if I am still disabled I smoked and did another unmentionable 
    Yeah I would buy soda junk food etc but I haven't been doing that. Also buying in bulk seems like a great idea and I thought I was with the $23 eighths. 
  10. #10 *guest, Jun 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013
    Honestly that's a pretty damn good deal, a whole ounce would be $184 at that price which is only a bit more than I spend on an ounce. 
    But if you can get eighths for $23 there, you might be able to save even more getting a larger quantity. 
    And god I hope you aren't getting drug tested on your probation, because it would be a terribly stupid move to keep smoking in that case. :p 
  11. Yeah it probably is a stupid move, whenever I go in for a violation, I get assigned some weekend alternative program and I have a recommendation that I showed my PO recently.
  12. to me i find it sort of wasteful cause sometimes i only buy a gram and it'll be gone in 1-2 days
    Might be you'd feel better about your weed spending if you were a little more responsible with your usage? Like maybe waiting until you're not on probation anymore so you can stop jumping through hoops... :p 
  14. I only use extra cash I got left over after stuff I have to pay for on weed. I would blow it on dumb stuff anyways if it wasnt on weed.
  15. Damn, hearing all these prices make me happy that dealers sell their good stuff at low prices where I live. (Reggie = $30/oz.) Before anyone starts shouting, "it must be dirt weed." Well, it's not. I've gotten some bud at that price and me and a few friends nicknamed it "kush" becuase it was kinda purple, but it smelled, looked and hit fucking great. So smoking as much as I want isn't an issue. :bongin:
    So, if you feel like you're wasting money, try to save some and when you have a good amount, think to yourself what you really want to do with it or what do you really want to buy. If it's still weed, you're not wasting money.
  16. Technically anything that isn't a necessity could be a "waste of cash".  All we really need is food, water and shelter and we can survive.  But what's the fun in that?
  17. lol where you from? Im in a med state. I could get a zip of reggie for 50. But its nowhere near kush quality. Not dirt.either though.

    I spend about 200 dollars a week on bud and hash. Plus money for swishers and lighters. I know im a fiend lol. But.i make decent cash so its not that bad. If your that worried about it start growing. Then use your grow money to buy hash.
    Damn, you like to go all out, ha. But I live in The Valley, Texas. It's so easy to grow high quality weed at low prices. Get strains all over the country, plus we grow year round, because no matter what, there is always sun here in South Texas.
  19. I always get my moneys worth. If I really needed to buy something else, then I would buy that first.
  20. This is pretty much me! I dont really spend money on anything else at this point so I dont feel like its a waste to me. No one seems to have bud to match with but they all seem to smoke.. I dont mind smoking them out but its been too much lately so ive been watching when I smoke with people and being more careful! Always remember that youre buying it and its yours. You can always be a little selfish.

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