Waste Of Bud?

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  1. So I have this friend right, and every time we smoke that nigga starts acting fuckin weird to the point where it gets annoying, Dude starts acting like he is high on salvia or some shit.Ok it's not that bad but one time we were smokin at the park, just sittin' on the benches and next thing I know, the dude start acting like he is sleepy and shit. He even tried sleeping on the ground haha. Made me mad coz ppl were becoming suspicious.
    Now at this moment, I thought shit! "This nigga going into a Kush Coma?" but he wasn't he was just faking it. 
    This is not even the first time he has done some crazy shit but this is what made me mad the most. I think am gonna stop toking with this dude.  :mad:  :mad:
    Yall have any mates like this?

  2. Oh and before any mods get at me... I tried using the search engine to find any similar topics but I couldn't find much. I also thought posting my own experience and have ppl post based on my OP would be better.
  3. The mods are only coming because your 14

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  4. I have this one friend who always acts drunk when he's high. I don't know of he does it on purpose or of he's just that much of a light weight. He doesn't smoke all that much, but he's smoked plenty of times before, but just off of one or two hits, he'll start slurring his words, bumping into stuff, acting like a complete idiot. Mind you, he does the same thing when he's drunk too.
    Some people just can't handle their shit

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    lol am not 14 bruh wtf? Please don't derail my thread. 
    Thanks :smoking:
    i tend to smoke weed with adults.
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     Haha nice one! 
    The thing is I introduced  the dude to the bud. None of his mates smoke so most of the time he just calls me to smoke wit him. I hate sayin no to people (I guess that's what I get for being polite)
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    You need to set some boundaries.
    Yea I should def tell him about that shit and how it gets to me. 
  11. this only happens when i force it upon 8 year olds

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