Wassuppp GC? Rat/Mice stole my bag of dank :(

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by joshitos1, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. im new to gc, but ive been smoking for about 4 months now. Well the purpose of making this thread is due to something that hapened to me last night. Me and my friend smoked 3 bowls of a quarter of my dank and we fell asleep in my basement. i left the bag of dank on the carpet next to my bong and the tv. when i woke up the baggie with all the stuff was gone. i first thought my friend took it, so i called him but he sounded just as suprised as i was, he even offered to come help look, but i doubt he would do such a thing. i looked everywhere in my house and basement and clothes thinking i just misplaced it. Then after someone mentioned rats eating their marijuana plants, i remembered seeing a few rats/mice around my basement. it sounds hard to beleive, so im not sure but ive loooked everywhere and its definetely gone. im really frustrated cause it was a whole quarter of dank. any thoughts?
  2. your friend took it bro, but welcome to gc
  3. fcKingtr0ll
  4. Hey man welcome!! Id have to say your buddy done you over, far to suss for me to digest..

    But on another note you could always leave some munchies around, because if it was the mice/rat that took it, they wont be long surfacing for food.
    Then you just follow him home and nab your stash back ;)
  5. i wasnt trollin. but okay.

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