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Washington Weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Purple Dream, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Purple Dream, Dec 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, 2012
    so i'll start posting pictures of the weed i get here.
    i'm always picking up, and most of the time i'm happy with what i get. so i thought a thread would be nice.
    thanks for looking :smoking:

    here's some grape stomper, sooo good.



    1.7 G of Purple Kush

    Purple Dream

    Jack Herer

    Some strain of Cheese
  2. i now edited and will be editing the pictures in size.
    so they won't be annoyingly big.
    i'm sure you'll all enjoy that. haha.
  3. Is that from a dealer or is it medical?

    And is the way you pick changing because of the law at all?
  4. from different dealers.
    i know some of it is medical though.
    pretty sure the purple kush and jack herer were medical.
    someone grows the purple dream special.
    and no it's not changing. shouldn't even notice it until next year.
    everything seems to be the same in my world. :)
  5. man you're so lucky, just pure beauty
  6. here's some cheese i got a while back. was soooo dank.
    i think this nug weighed about 4.7?
  7. retardedly dank
  8. You get amazing buds, purple dream is a sick name too
  9. thank you. :)
    everyone. haha.
  10. Shit looks dank!
  11. good stuff man, are you closer to the oregon border or canadian?
  12. i'm not sure. i'm like an hour away from seattle, and 45 mins- hour away from tacoma.

    in that area.

    i actually grew up in california, northern. :)
    and i've been in Washington probably about 3 years now. but still have no fucking clue where my town is on the map.
  13. Those look delicious. The stuff I've been getting up here has been very leafy and decent, but not great. Your buds remind me of my days in Bellingham, of smoking only medical grade dank every day. :q
  14. mm. it's nice to have that dank. top quality stuff.
    i think i know where you live too. hahah.
  15. hey so i'm smoking on some purple stomper tonight.
    i'm a little drunk though. this weed is danky as fuck.
    will post pictures when i re up with more.
  16. Purple buds always fascinate me..:smoking:
    It's you do that?
  17. Subbed

    Nice bud man I'm gonna check this thread out alot
  18. Grape Stomper;
    this stuff maybe doesn't look as dank as the other strains i get. but i assure you it's just as good. one of the most pleasant smokes i've had in a long time. tastes sooo good, and it hits so smooth. so glad i picked some up. :smoking:


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