Washington Students Suspended For Using Nerf Guns At School

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    Emphasis mine... What is this world coming to if bringing a nerf gun to school with your teacher's permission loses you an opportunity for an algebra class in high school? I feel like people should be calling this school district and telling them how nuts the principal is for their insane punishment. What happened to referrals and just getting a call home? Now they apparently destroy your academic future, at least in Leadership and Mathematics, all in one sweep of a pen.

  2. They're in the sixth grade, and because of a one-day suspension they won't be allowed to take algebra in high school?   Aside from the fact that they're being suspended, even though the teacher "allegedly" allowed the toy guns to be in the school for an experiment, that's the craziest part of this story.   
  3. Yeah, if you watch the video, the teacher told them to bring them for a probability project, but they decided to get them out when they first got to school, before the doors were open, which is what got them in trouble.
  4. Kids playing with toys is against the rules?

    Ahhhjh tyranny

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  5. Id want to just fuck that teacher up

    Ill be back in an hour or so
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