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Washington State Weed Prices

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by PhilthyPhil, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Prices seem to vary here from Seattle to Spokane as for now Im in Spokane and im getting strictly indo headies and occasionaly outdoor northern cali I pay...

    Dank: Ounce is around 280-300
    Mids: 200-250 a ounce range for some decent mids
    B.C. anywhere from 150 to 230 a ounce (not much around anymore it seems)
    Schwag 80 to 130 range a zip

    now for small bags typically..
    Dub: typically 1.8grams of dank for 25 regs and mids for 20
    Eighth: 3.5grams of dank for 50 regs will run you 40
    Quarters: chronic usually will be 80-90 mids usually 70 sometimes 60
  2. I would say you are spot on for what ppl say are prices. I live in a shit town and when you pay 40 for an eigth, you get 2g-2.5g tops...
    I fuckin hate these jewish dealers..
    What drove you to post this btw?
  3. Curious to see what people besides myself are getting round my neck of the woods. Marijuana is definetly about location it varies from city to city really. What part of the usa do you live in?
  4. Right in the pacific northwest. Like 2 hours west of seattle. How's the dank in spokane?
  5. Theres a variety but tons of stoners in Spokane so the dank is pretty good.
  6. I love washington and its weed
  7. Amen brother its a beautiful state :D
  8. I live by the border in WA we get alot more BC here.
  9. Oh yea any good indoor headies up there?
  10. Weed in Oregon is right around the exact same prices.
  11. Yea it seems to be Ive been down to Eugene and portland and picked up many a bag Oregon has amazing Chronic :D
  12. spokane has fairly cheap weed because there's alot people that live up in the hills north of there that don't have alot of money and decide to grow weed. I heard about this place called "onion creek" where there's lots of growers.....according to my friend who lives up there and doesn't get stoned.
  13. Indeed there are LOTS of indoor growers here and the town gets flooded with good dank. Still the prices seem a tad high they seem to go up every damn year actually.
  14. There seems to be a drought in the Cheney, Spokane area. Whats that about
  15. man i want a $80 zip
  16. It's summer - too many people smoking lol. It's pretty dry out here as well.
  17. Wow I feel at home in this thread. I just found this site and browsing it and see Washington threads. I'm from Renton about 15mins from downtown Seattle. Your prices are right on! I could probably get a zip of grabage for 100-120. I know I can get a zip of bc for 170-210, and avg is 220-240. And dank is uasly 220-260. Dubs ($20) gets me about 1.7-2.0 for dank. 1/8th range from 3-4.4. This is all in grams of course.

  18. yeah it's hella dry here too. Excpsaicly since my bud that slangs is out of town for a few weeks. Only person I know that has bud right now is my causin. And that's always a gamble, it could be bc or not bad stuff. But still gay.
  19. What are people saying when they call weed BC? I dont get it if that means bud from british columbia since i've gotten just as wide a variety of bud as usa
  20. Ya, BC bud is usually from British Columbia but it's also somewhat synonymous with pretty dank stuff, at least here it is.

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