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  1. So MMJ patients can have up to 24 ounces and 15 plants. I'm moving there soon and I read craigslist ads of people selling MMJ. How does that work and how does it work when people take their bud to dispensaries and sell them for "donations"?

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  2. I just opened a dispensary in Bellevue, Washington....check us out at www.bcgenetics.net call anytime when you move in and i will help get you set up.
  3. lol yeah, go ahead and move here. That should work out really well with the way things are looking around these parts for the medical cannabis community. Honestly, I say go to Colorado or Cali. If nothing changes here, then it might be worth looking into. I'm honestly thinking of leaving in the future if they throw medical patients under the bus. Oh, and craigslist is where the cannabis goes that can't sell itself. It's of lower quality 95% of the time and if it's not, the price is too high for what it is. Doesn't take much effort to find a few growers though that know what they're doing. Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  4. Better get there quick and get registered.  Then they'll void everyone's card and you get to reapply - there will likely be former patients that are denied, so you 'd better have some sort of serious medical problem.  You won't need to worry about "donations" at the dispensaries with the proposed new plant limits and possession amounts.   If your just looking to grow and sell weed, I'd suggest somewhere else.
  5. danger Will Robinson ..Danger
  6. Using Craigs List could be problematic for this.  This one's my favorite Omniweed to find what I'm looking for....
    Have you followed anything that is going on in WA?  You already posted that article in it's own thread, so I not sure why you are adding that link here too.
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    Hahaha, whats your deal? I mean really... you can only live in places where you can only smoke"medical marijuana" give me a break. The mmj laws in washington state are so unregulated its crazy compared to other states and the laws needed to be restructured because the Federal Government was threatening Washington state. Especially because of its loose medical marijuana laws and I-502. Anyways Colorado makes you sign a state registry if you are a med patient.
    You have serious issues if you are leaving Washington State due to it's cannabis laws. Life is more than just being about cannabis and so is Washington State. If you fail to realize that you have fucked up in life my friend, and you need to re-evaluate your priorities. 
    There are serious problems with washington state mmj, as in cartels setting up and growing lots of weed "legally" and there are some dangerous people making money. Most people are not cartel, but that is an example. The mmj laws were too good to be true under the current federal scheduling of cannabis. You don't know where the weed money is going and who it's supporting. Anyone can set up a legal collective in order to fund other illegal practices. It's unfortunate but thats what some people are doing.  
    Your in a state where marijuana is legal. In over half the US you will get arrested for smoking. Washington state has hell of a lot better offerings than weed. Weed is just a small perk to living in this state. 
    Anyways the indoor chronic is cheapest in Washington state for sure, out of all the other med states, due to current laws. Hell 3 of my neighbors grow weed and so do I. Just imagine how many people are doing the same and my bud always turns out dankity. 
  9. Selling mmj on Craigslist is hit or miss like these people say,'but the process is simple. Pick a price you think it's worth and post it up with contact information, and text messages or phone calls will come in etc etc..you can sell up to an ounce to anyone over 18, but you should ask to see their medical recommendation if they want more if you are trying to be "legit". With going to a dispensary and selling....you go in with a sample and give it to the dispensary owner, if they like it they will take it. You then tell them what you think it should be sold for and of course they are going to charge more for the product to the patient to make their money, so you won't be getting the best price usually... so they usually get the weed fronted to them, they sell it at the agreed to price and take their cut and contact you when you can pick up your money.
    Buy weed? Shit man, you can get hash,oil, clones. There are even people who will process your product into oil for a small take.
    Everyone and their granny is growing. Big plants if you are legal.
  11. Not legal. 5 gal buckets tucked in the yard.

    Legal. 400 gal smart pots in the front yard. Lol.
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    You do realize that since you've consumed cannabis in the last year, you have no 2nd amendment rights anymore as a WA State citizen, correct? At least until the federal government reclassifies cannabis, that is. If someone breaks into your home and rapes your wife, children, whatever and you pull a gun and discharge it during the course of defending them, you could be looking at 10 years or more in prison, regardless of whether it was justified.
    Oregon, on the other hand, doesn't default to the federal government. They had this issue, but it went through the court system and now patients do have the right to posess firearms.
    It's not just about the cannabis. It's about defending my family in the off chance that something bad happens and not having to worry about serving a decade or more in prison for doing everything right in terms of self defense while protecting my family. I'd still serve 10 years to keep my children safe, but if I can defend them and NOT have to be away from them for 10 years, putting myself in a place that can give me that ability will help me know that I can do what is necessary to protect those I love if they're in harms way, without fear of prison. Simple.
    Edit: Hell, I could just go batshit crazy with a hatchet to defend them, but that probably wouldn't be too effective against an intruder who's probably packing a pistol. I mean, just because a law-abiding citizen doesn't want to chance prison for protecting their family doesn't mean a criminal's going to avoid carrying a gun.
  13. danger.lol.the grass is always greener.

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  14. and you mentioned wa.has the cheapest cronic.what are we talking,here legally you'd pay over 3 large a pound.off a buddy anywhere from 18 to 26.depending on variables.average indoor price is 150 an oz.or 22 a pound.that's AAA.

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