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Washington State MMJ Clones

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CK88, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. I was trying to find out if my clones that are in rockwool count towards my total number of 15 plants? Or does that only mean mature plants?? The law is too vague on this and just states "15 plants" but does a clone count as a "plant" while in a propagation tray?
  2. That is the problem right now with the Washington MMJ laws... there is legislation going right now that clarify the laws, specifically what qualifies as a "plant"
  3. Alright, so with that said, I should probably stay on the safe side and just have 15 total is what you're saying? ooookkkkkkk ;)
  4. I would count your clones as plants for now !

  5. Not sure if your interested, but this is the new legislation for what the definition of a "plant" is:

    (17) "Plant" means an organism having at least three
    4 distinguishable and distinct leaves, each leaf being at least three
    5 centimeters in diameter, and a readily observable root formation
    6 consisting of at least two separate and distinct roots, each being at
    7 least two centimeters in length. Multiple stalks emanating from the
    8 same root ball or root system shall be considered part of the same
    9 single plant.
  6. Well that really shoots me down! Haha. Thanks Russy, that's what I needed to know. I guess 15 is better than none! :smoke:
  7. Clones dont have roots for a while...and you could take small cuttings...Just trying to find ways for you to maximize.
  8. Yeah , I also take that as new seedlings that have 2 sets of un-true leaves and the cotyledons would not count as plants either.

    But thats only if this new legislation passes... or whatever/however that works...
  9. Good point!!

    Go pencil pushers!!!!! Make us a better bill.........
  10. currently it is loosely defined and the rule states 15 plants in any stage of development. Some friends of mine had their grow busted and all of the unrooted clones they had put in the cloner 2 days before were counted as plants, exactally the same as the flowering girls they were about to harvest

    I hope this new law passes, but am skeptical of anything marijuana related actually getting prioritized by the house or the senate. Like ever.

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