Washington State Favors Marijuana Legalization 52% to 35%

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  1. Washington State Favors Marijuana Legalization 52% to 35% | Cannabis Culture Magazine
    By Michael Whitney, Firedoglake - Monday, June 7 2010

    "A poll released last week by The Washington Poll, a quarterly, nonpartisan effort by the University of Washington, shows that Washington State residents support an initiative that would legalize the possession and use of marijuana.

    According to the poll of 1,252 registered voters conducted last month, 52% in Washington State support “removing state civil and criminal penalties for possession or use of marijuana,” with only 35% opposed. The poll's release did not indicate the position of the other 13%.

    Read this post at Firedoglake

    The language of the poll question is similarly phrased as the wording that would appear on the ballot. You can see the full findings of the statewide poll, in which the marijuana question was included, at the bottom of this post. (Updated at bottom.)

    Unlike California, where marijuana legalization will definitely be on the November ballot, it's less certain Washington's initiative will make the cut. Sensible Washington is the group organizing ballot signatures for the measure (officially known as I-1068). The group, independently financed and run by a tight group of organizers, is on its way to qualifying for the ballot.

    Prohibition proponents are doing their best to keep legalization off the ballot in the state. We reported last week that federally funded drug agents disobeyed a standing order from Attorney General Eric Holder and raided a legitimate medical marijuana dispensary. In the course of that raid, agents pointed a gun at the head of a 14-year-old child and confiscated Sensible Washington's petitions to put legalization on the ballot. Then the federal agents photocopied the petitions, keeping the names and addresses of Washington residents who support legalization.

    This was a clear act of intimidation designed to scare potential supporters of legalization from signing on to petitions. Knowing that police with have information of supporters is more than enough to suppress people from exercising their democratic rights.

    If you want to help Sensible Washington get legalization on the ballot, head over to their site and use the Firedoglake-powered event tool to find volunteer information and petition gathering events across the state using the tool on the right side of their site.

    If you're not in Washington, sign our petition for federally-funded drug agents to release Sensible Washington's petitions and to destroy all photocopies.

    (Update note from above: While not identical language, both the poll and initiative use the phrase “remove state civil and criminal penalties.” The poll ended that phrase with “for use or possession of marijuana,” while the initiative itself elaborates: “for persons eighteen years or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana. Marijuana would no longer be defined as a ‘controlled substance.”)

    The Washington Poll Survey Results
    1,252 respondents, 2.8% MOE. May 2010."
  2. its good to hear that the polls say were ahead, but i have to wonder who was voting, it says it was performed by a college and that makes me wonder if a bunch of college kids were polled. if not thats exciting, hopefully they can get the signature to get it on the ballot.

    feds disobeyed a direct order, put a gun to a 14 yr old and photo copied people's names on a petition? WHAT THE FUCK! THERE FUCKING BETTER BE SOME PUNISHMENT FOR THOSE AGENTS THATS SOME FUCKING HORSE SHIT! if there isnt im going to lose complete faith in the government. they punish us when we disobey, they better fucking punish themselves when they disobey.

    moreover, is it not becoming clear to the government that the people want legalization? when will the madness end....*sigh*
  3. Good news i guess. When will the beyond retarded people wake up?

  4. This is so ridiculously illegal and unconstitutional. wow. good job, land of the free.

  5. indeed, some awful shit goes down under the pretense of this "war on drugs"

    hopefully it has enough support to get on the ballot before its too late
  6. This is just... Ugh.

    Let's go Washington.
  7. Come one Washingtonians, get out there and sign the petition!!
    I did, it was easy, didn't hurt or kill my buzz..:hello:
  8. As long as the Fed's don't keep stealing signed petitions from us, we may make it.
    I'm encouraging anyone to support MMJ and complete legalization. And more so than supporting, if it gets on the ballot, GET OUT AND ACTUALLY VOTE!

  9. more than supporting, GET IT ON THE BALLOT.
  10. The real problem here that is shown quite clearly by the feds photocopying everyone's identity who signed the petition. The feds have been fucked for a long time, same with the CIA - and if anyone heard the latest news they purchased a 100 million contract with blackwater (Xe now), to protect one base in afghanistan and who knows where else - all around the world probably. But anyways the problem is that the feds and cia can do anything they want and we the citizens cant do anything about it
  11. No, you read that wrong. We need to get 2/3 of what I-695 needed when there was as much time left that year to get all the signatures needed as this needs now. So for every 3 signatures I-695 needed with 2 weeks left, we need two signatures. I-695 did get on the ballot, and it passed too.

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