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Washington state (chronic back pain)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hiimhi, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I've had lower back pain off and on for a few years now, and about a year ago I was in a snowboarding accident where I really badly bruised my tailbone and ever since I've had back pain every single day, nearly all day.
    My back always feels as if I have to pop it all the time, and if I try, it will 99.9% of the time, even with just small movements such as side to side, even though I resist the urge it as I know it's not good to do. I've had many doctor visits, just telling me it will just go away in time which clearly it hasn't.
    I was prescribed Oxy Codone when I injured my back, the prescription ended a while back but they told me if it persists I could get a further examination and prescribed more; but really, OXYCODONE? no thank you.

    I was just wondering, is bad lower back pain that really debilitates me, it makes me slouch a lot and I have a difficult time sitting up straight as it hurts my back; I even have difficulty sleeping, I toss and turn all night trying to find a position where my back doesn't feel "jammed"
    do I qualify?
  2. I called tacoma cross, they gave me a refferal to evergreen, called them and set up an appointment.

    awesome, sorry for the wasted thread
  3. im about to do the same thing in at the same place....i have back pain as well. car accident, plenty of medical records...keep me informed as to how it goes. I would like to know. posting up how the process goes would be a great post.

  4. It's a really easy process, you don't even need medical records, but with them it saves you 50$.
    You have an option to go in as a group (4 people) or be looked at by yourself if you don't feel comfortable with more people.
    I chose to go in with a group, and I didn't bring my records(even though I do have them, just didn't have time to go get them.)

    You might as well just be a walk in, as I made an appointment but it was really, really over booked, I was supposed to be looked at, at 3, but ended up being seen at around 6, haha.

    Basically went like this, walk in, fill out some paper work that's really just a questionnaire, not much writing just explanations and check marks, trying to make it easier for doc's to understand what's going on.

    Got that all done, turned it in, and waited, and waited(it was worth it though!)
    Finally, name gets called; walk in the room and sit down.

    The man explained the Goods and the Bads of marijuana use, explained everything that's happening and asked about our conditions and how they came about, and whether or not marijuana helps, one at a time.
    Signed some papers stating we've been talked to about it; gave those papers to the nice lady at the desk and waited to be called in by the man who gives the licenses.

    Got called in, got my picture taken, paid 220$ and I had my card and was on my way.

    It's really easy; definitely worth it.
  5. is the guy and acutal doctor? do you sign doctor patient confidentiality? how legit was it?

    also what are you now able to do? what can you get away with now that you have your card?

  6. Yes, they are actual doctors; it's not a "doctors" clinic, in the sense of machineries there, they're not going to give you an MRI or Catscan to see if you're telling the truth or not; it's really a trusting place.

    I can posses 24 ounces of dried cured marijuana; and as many plants as necessary to maintain a "60 day supply"

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