WASHINGTON STATE caught for bud (non medical card holder)

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  1. So i live in washington state and i was pulled over with my friend (he was driving) and i got caught and took the blame for the bud in the car, the cop asked where the weed was and i just gave it to him right away (cause obvioulsy it was some dank from my dude garth and he could definetly smell it). he told me being honest saved me from going to jail, he then wrote me a citaion for the possesion and a couple months later i recived some court papers in the mail telling me i had to go to court for possesion charge. in washington to get out of a bud charge you usually have to take like 90 day out patient classes and take piss tests to make sure that you are staying away from bud. So i said fuck that and went to get my medical marijuana card and at the pre trial the prosecuter told me that i was going to have to take drug classes and shit, and then i showed him my medical marijuana card and they dropped all charges right then and there. I never had to hear anything about it and i never even had to pay a court fee.... So the moral of the story is if you get caught with bud get your medical card and you will toatlly get away with it, they said the minimum fine was 550 dollars + court fees,, i went to the herb doctor and it only cost me 160 instead of around $900-1000 and now i can have 24 oz on me at a time LEGALLY. no more worrying about bud being in the car ever again!!
  2. I'm proud of you, son.
  3. This thread has been responded to properly.

  4. if the system dosn't work, work around it
  5. what fuck that shit man i want my card but no medical records so wtf do i do can you help me pleasee??
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    if your from seattle area go to NW Green Resourse Group (206) 453-4181 all you need is your i.d and $160 appointment recomended but not needed. and im pretty sure that goes for any place, because the docotrs only get paid if you get your card, so just go in and you will get your card that day and from the moment you walk out the door you are a medical marijuana patient that is allowed to grow 15 plants and have 24oz of dry cured buds :cool:

  7. What medical condition do you have that qualified you for the card?
  8. i actually have an eating disorder and it helps me eat cause everytime i smoke i get the munchies and eat so i dose myself daily with the proper calorie intake, but since i got my card i told all my friends how easy it would be to go to the doctor and get and they have all gotten their cards for different reasons.. trust me once u go to the office and start filling out the paperwork they give you, you will be circling a couple things that you didnt even know could qualify you as a medical marujuana patient:cool::smoke:
  9. i blow trees is a fuckin baller
  10. Should have just got your medical card before he took away your dank ass bud from you :laughing:
  11. i went to the herb doctor and it only cost me 160 instead of around $900-1000 and now i can have 24 oz on me at a time LEGALLY. no more worrying about bud being in the car ever again!![/QUOTE]

    Have you got that right? 24 OUNCES????

    Could it be 24 GRAMS?

    Just asking because 24oz. is some major weight!
  12. pretty sure it is 24 oz :p
  13. You are my fuckin hero. Thats funny as hell.

    I was diagnosed with some serious OCD shit a few years back, and being medicated has really cured me alot. Would that be a good enough reason to get a card? I dont live in a medical state now but I will be moving to one soon.
  14. Sorry to ruin your thread but. Your the worst type of person. Now we all know some dude Here in the northwest named Garth gots really dank weed. U kinda pretty much snitched him out... But good job on it card. Welcome to the patients club.
  15. And yes we can have 15 plants and 24 zips. A peezy n a half
  16. nothin like the nw...

  17. dude don't worry. how many garths can there be in washington?

  18. Hey i blow trees i'm not from Seattle i'm from Houston,Texas So what should i do if you can help i'd like to hear your answer.:smoke:
  19. If you don't live in a medical state, can you move to one and acquire your card? I don't know why I'm asking anyway. Pretty sure I don't have anything that can qualify me for it. :p

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