Washington Drug Agents Seize Pot Legalization Petitions!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by AMachine, May 22, 2010.

  1. seriously? these drug agents should be shot....fuckers
  2. it is a constitutional right that we have to petition the government. I would sue the FUCK out of that police deptarment if they didnt give it back
  3. Hefty lawsuit comin
  4. i told yall those fuckers r fighting back!
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    The shitty thing though is that it doesn't matter. We need the petitions into the Auditor's office by July 2 in order to get on the ballot in November. We'd be lucky to get a hearing in a court of law by July 2011.

    Basically the best we can do is ask nicely. Sensible WA doesn't even really have the money for a court case. We would need the ACLU or something to fight it.

    And for some perspective they estimate that they have about 100,000 signatures right now, 210,000 to go until they hit their goal, and they lost about 200 signatures in the raid.

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