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    Hopefuly congress doesn't cockblock it!

  2. Gratz to DC!!!! way to go you guys!!!
    Now let's all have a moment of silence for Florida. West coast polls close in 45 mins. We shall keep our fingers crossed for Alaska and Oregon.
  3. Florida was close, 57% not bad for a midterm election, hopefully 2016 will see better results
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    I just wish I could grow in peace in NC. I have all this land out of the way... No accessible to children, and I would love to see the glory of a plant in a truly free habitat. Congrats DC! Make it happen! Lead the way for all of us and show that it's not some demon plant to be feared!
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    HUGE HUGE victory for legalization.  Right smack in the cap--
    EDIT: I'd just logged in to check and see if you guys were talking about this, after the MarijuanaMajority posted about it on their facebook a "meme"
    You can go to there page if you want, its most recent post if you want to see/share/like it too--
  6. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats DC!!!!!!!!
  7. hallelujah
  8. KPTV has just picked 91 to pass and <span><span>KGW also predicts passage. (OREGON)</span></span>
    <span><span>CROSSING FINGERS.</span></span>
    <span><span>COME ON OREGON</span></span>
  9. If the feds ever decide to change their minds about enforcing the federal laws against weed, it will probably start in D.C. since it will be within walking distance.
    Looks like the pressure is on for them to drop our favorite crop from the schedule I list.  I hope.
    Congrats to the people in D.C.
  10. Any good parcels of property (old farms for sale there  Cheap................
  11. Way t go DC!!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!
  12. Property's never cheap. XD 
  13. They'd have to get by our pitchforks first!!!!
  14. here here
    No farms in D.C. haha.
    And no such thing as cheap. 2bdr condo about 350k
    I pay 2800/month rent for a 2.5 bedroom rowhouse and its not the "good" area!
  15. So the capital of the U.S.A legalizes it but most other states haven't...no sense made lol
    One step at a time! We are uniting to decriminalize a plant we did not
    vote to criminalize in the first place! It's a tough war out there, and
    this is just the beginning. Washington, Colorado, Washington D.C., Oregon,
    and Alaska are just the stepping stones to tossing out hypocrisy and
    corruption from our government!
  17. Going to be interesting to see how the feds handle this, along with our next president who ever that will be. 
    So far they have allowed Colorado and Washington to go about their legalization with no interruption from federal gov't, I don't understand why they would intervene now... 
    Congrats to DC, Oregon and Alaska. 
    We just more than doubled the legalization in the US. 
    I just hope the feds don't step in. I'm pretty confident they wont under Obama, but I'm nervous about how our next president will handle this movement. 
  18. High 5 to that bro!
  19. Cheers!
    Fuckin awesome.
  20. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, the ranking Republican on the subcommittee that oversees the District, said Tuesday that the city's pot laws should be left to local officials. Paul also has sought to block the federal government from interfering with states' medical marijuana programs.

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