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Discussion in 'General' started by BlueBerryWills, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. I just moved to a little town called port townsend washington... Quite the change from California, Well anyways i have never seen a town like this before, the population is around 9 thousand and i swear to god everyone smokes weed, apparently they were #2 in high times magazine next to amsterdam? If so that is Crazy... Right now i am smoking on an 4 g blunt of some purple kush, PT mostly has the wills and northern lights.. Anyoen else think washington or the towns in washington are fucking amazing for bud?
  2. i think theyre alright, but then again in the time that i've smoked weed i've never lived anywhere else.
  3. The northwest has great bud, PERIOD. I would know. I get my bud from Oregon and WA.
  4. ya we get some pretty good bud up here in the pac. nw ...i live in a town of 35,000... everybody smokes bud... washington is seriously the best state in the US....
  5. where in WA are you Easy?
  6. westren wa.... about 20 miles from seattle..... what bout you? you in wa?
  7. yeah, im in southwest WA
  8. I live in oregon, and Im pretty happy with the selection and prices. All the small towns are full of dank bud... plus we got the best outdoor conditions.... good place to be. :smoking:
  9. Washington Bud==the shiznatch good Dank shit.
    I live In Edmonds, the bud I get is always dank, always well priced. I don't think I've ever smoked middies in this state...lol

  10. Port townsend! I've been there before. I'm probably going there again in the next few weeks. We should hook up and blaze a big one.
  11. Washington bud is the shit....Im about 30 minutes away from the space needle in seattle....
  12. Not to mention all the glass blowers we have, especially the underground shops at pike place market
  13. I love the west coast. Every here has good bud. You've got washington witch is close to BC. Oregon has an amizing amount of groweres. So good weed is readily available and then CA witch has good weed at great prices and amazingly DANK weed from Humbolt county!
  14. ^^ya west coast is bomb for bud..... and seattle's got hempfest :)...
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    I also live in PT and the weed is amazing, everyone smokes weed and we are very spoiled here.:hello:
    The "Wills" is a local bud that's upbeat and chronic but we also get a lot of the normal named weed strains around here.

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