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  1. I have just harvested 1 of my plants but i have been told that i need to wash the buds before drying them. I have never heard of this being done before so could someone tell me if i need to do it or not.
    Many Thanks.

  2. Now I'm a noob, but, by my understanding you do it whilst still growing. Usually the last 2 weeks no nutes just pure water, then you harvest.

    If you run your buds under water you'll end up with damp, and possibly mold growth.

    I may have it wrong and if I am someone please correct me, but, I'm sure that's what your supposed to do.
  3. If by *washing* you mean flushing, then yes you do that at the end of the plant's life.
    Please do not wash your harvested buds.
  4. No you do not wash your buds after harvest. That is a recipe for mold.

    Flushing is a different story, but in my opinion over rated and not needed if you haven't been over feeding your plants.
  5. To clarify
    Washing your buds: Physically applying water directly to your buds, or dunking them in water. 
    NEVER do this
    Flushing your buds: 
    Hydro: Replacing all your water with nutrient free PH Balanced water
    Soil: Running 3x the quantity of dirt in water (Run 15 gallons of water though a 5 Gallon pot)  through the soil without nutrients and keeping it off for the last week or two. 
    Now it is Arguable about flushing your buds, I have never noticed an effect in actual high, but I do in taste, so if you don't care about taste it isn't necessary. 
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  6. There is also such a thing as water curing, I doubt I'll try it as what ive read says it gives you an almost odour free smoke and I'm all about the stink!! Haha

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