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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Retsnis, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. Quick question.
    Is it safe to chop a plant and wait a couple days to wash then hang dry? I don't have enough people here to help me do the it all in one day

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  2. Just chopped and washed mine for the first time. In the past I chopped a plant, maybe pulled a few branches to thin it and hung. This time I had to wash for the first time. So I chopped a single branch at a time as I went. Single branch, do any trim wanted, then start dipping and then hang to dry. Repeat until done. Did half last night, did the other half this afternoon, just finished. Yes it was time consuming for 1 person. I can't see 1 day making all that much difference, plus there was nothing that I could do anyway. Will be my first dry/cure after washing, am hoping for the best. On a side note I did seem to at least fight the spider mite problem to a standstill. It looks like I'll be able to harvest most if not all of my crop. Since I already took 2 days to chop/hang mine I'll be interested in others answers.
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  3. Washing your buds is like having sex with a super hot woman and right before you get off you pull it out and stick it in a goats asshole. The washing is the goats asshole.
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  4. No two ways about it. Washing will triple your harvest time.
    I would NOT let it hang before washing. Chop and wash immediately :thumbsup:
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